Library services

As part of the extensive services of the Eddie Davies Library (EDL), DBA students will enjoy:

  • Tailored induction sessions specifically for research needs at a doctoral level
  • Specialist series of training programmes on a wide range of research, tools, skills and techniques
  • Dedicated support throughout the course of their programme with their widespread use of specialist financial and business datasets
  • Active involvement in and support of research projects
  • Facility to book one-to-one session with business data specialist or librarian
  • Training sessions and database clinics using technologies such as Wimba Classroom for our teaching and training to these students and the options for providing off campus IT support, especially in relation to database access and authentication issues
  • Access to ever growing collection of e-books
  • Development and maintenance of Manchester Business Answers 24/7 our online knowledge base for answering enquiries and of particular value for non-Manchester based students