The research environment

The quality, expertise and real world experience of our academics is what makes Alliance MBS stand apart from other business schools. Whatever your chosen area of study we hope to find you supervisors who share your passion and have the disciplinary and methodological expertise to guide you through your studies successfully.

Your supervisors will be your guide from the very start. Our academics pride themselves on developing supportive professional relationships with doctoral researchers which bring benefits to everyone: your experience can inform your supervisors' research, whilst their expertise helps shape yours.

You will work regularly with your supervisor from day one, developing essential research skills and approaches, planning and disseminating your work.

As an Alliance MBS doctoral researcher you will be part of a stimulating and diverse student community. Our doctoral students come from over 30 different countries, with very varied backgrounds (from public sector policy makers and leaders in financial markets through to entrepreneurs). Many students develop amazing support networks amongst their fellow students, which they maintain throughout and beyond their studies.

Student profiles