Postgraduate Careers Service on the Manchester MBA

In a competitive business climate, the ability to understand and confidently articulate your capabilities, in commercial terms, is essential. Maximise your opportunities with our comprehensive careers service and global network of recruiters.

Complete support

Our experienced Senior Careers Consultants will get to know you personally before you even arrive on campus. They will continue to work closely with you throughout the programme on a one-to-one basis, to help you develop and execute your internship and job search strategy. This is supported by a structured programme of careers workshops and events timetabled within the programme.

Global connections

We develop and maintain relationships with a wide range of corporate recruiters - a rich source of internships, projects and jobs in the UK and around the world. Whether you want to work in a large multinational, an SME or a start-up business, we equip you with the knowledge and skills to position you more effectively as a future business leader.

Services at a glance

  • Employability skills workshops: interviews, communication, CVs, cover letters, networking
  • One-to-one meetings: personalised career advice
  • Mock interviews, tailored to specific roles/companies
  • Personal branding: effective use of self-marketing tools
  • Contract and salary negotiations
  • Job and internship adverts from recruiters targeting Alliance Manchester Business School MBAs
  • CareerLeader (online): understanding your business profile
  • External facilitators, including Daniel Porot, one of Europe's leading pioneers in career design and job hunting
  • Mentoring programme
  • Class CV book, distributed to recruiters (also available online)
  • Company recruitment presentations (autumn and winter terms)
  • Alumni career insider talks
  • Company site visits