Internship opportunities on the Full-time MBA

Whether you are 100% clear about your future plans or intend to change your career direction, a 10-week internship will give you the opportunity to test-drive a new job function, industry or organisation.

To secure your internship, you'll work closely with our career advisers and network with your personal contacts. You'll have access to alumni and industry contacts to identify suitable roles.

Undertaking an internship will help you to put your learning into practice, finalise your career plans and could even lead to that all-important job offer.

Our MBAs secure internships with a broad range of organisations from multinationals to start-ups. Recent host companies include:


  • American Express
  • Amazon
  • Citigroup
  • Hilti
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • McKinsey


  • North Edge Capital
  • ATG Access
  • Surface Transforms
Alun Lucas

My internship with Google will give me a great opportunity to draw on the skills I've developed during my MBA and build on my digital marketing knowledge. By joining a large international organisation for over ten weeks, I hope to expand my professional network, build contacts and identify future opportunities."

Alun Lucas

Class of 2014

Pavitra Piyasoontrawong

My internship with the NHS gave me a valuable understanding of UK culture while applying my knowledge of marketing and business development in a healthcare setting. I am confident that this experience, in addition to my learning from the MBA programme, will give me the skills to be a great leader."

Pavitra Piyasoontrawong

Class of 2013