Post MBA opportunities at Alliance Manchester Business School



The Manchester MBA is a highly international programme, giving you the opportunity to study and work abroad, and work with colleagues from a wide range of countries. Experience of working in an international environment allows our MBAs to secure employment in locations across the globe. Some return to their native countries, some look for new destinations, while others choose to stay in the UK.

What job?

Our MBA gives you access to a broad range of core courses, electives, projects and internships. This allows you to gain experience in new fields and make contacts in new industry sectors. It also gives you the chance to learn more about your existing field. Depending on your career plan you'll be able to significantly change your career direction, or develop further in your current area.

Alumni groups around the world

Don't forget, when you graduate you join a network of over 5,000 Manchester MBA alumni in 130 countries, and the contacts you make will prove invaluable, as you continue your association with the School on a professional and social level.

Regional alumni groups operate around the world in China, Germany, Greece, India, Portugal, Scandinavia, Singapore, Spain, the USA, London and Manchester itself, organising social and professional events.