A practical experience with The Manchester Method

practical, situation-based learning approach unlike any other, the Manchester Method is learning by doing.

Everything you learn at Alliance Manchester Business School can be applied directly to your working life. We don’t just give you the theory; we show you how to use it to get immediate results.

This unique, hands-on approach to learning can give you more client-facing hours than any other MBA programme - nearly six months' worth - so you can test theories in real-world situations and stay connected to business. As a Manchester MBA student, you will:

  • Undertake a minimum of 900 hours of client-facing consultancy work through the Not-for-Profit Project, Commercial Business Project and International Business Project
  • Complete a Mergers & Acquisitions Project - an innovative, interactive business simulation exercise
  • Work with a diverse range of local, national and international clients, from not-for-profit organisations to global blue chips
  • Gain first-hand experience of the rewards and challenges of working in multinational teams on real business issues
  • Bid against other teams for your final project to enhance your pitching skills
  • Build confidence through testing your management skills in diverse teams
  • Develop project management and delivery skills
  • Learn some hard lessons about group processes in a supportive environment
  • On the 12-month pathway the client might not be international

The skills you gain will have lasting benefits throughout your career. Plus, with every project you work on, you're building up a strong network of international business contacts that could have a real impact on your future career.

That’s the Manchester Method.

Not-for-Profit Project Celebration event

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