Student support on the Part-time MBA

Taking on a part-time MBA whilst juggling work and home commitments could be your toughest challenge to date. We are here to help.

Student support portal


If you have a question we have someone who can answer it. Our e-facilitators are high-achieving MBA graduates holding senior positions in some of the world's leading companies such as KPMG, IBM and Unilever. They will guide you through the programme, answering any questions you have about the MBA or student life in general. They can also offer advice on topical business issues as well as the best way to use Alliance MBS's resources to achieve your goal.

24/7 support

With our dedicated student support portal you can access information and advice about your MBA at home, at work, in a hotel room or an airport lounge, any time of the day or night. News, announcements, academic information and online resources are available at the click of a mouse right when you need them. And you can customise the portal to deliver personalised, up-to-the-minute content to help you succeed.

The classroom of the future

Alliance MBS uses the best in technology to excel in transnational education. Virtual classrooms, interactive whiteboards, flexible teaching spaces, podcasts and webinars allow people to meet, learn and collaborate across continents and without barriers. Boost your studies with the latest learning technology. Alliance MBS uses state of the art WIMBA Classroom technology to build live learning communities across continents. You can chat, share files, present papers, participate in virtual lectures and interact with teachers and students online as effectively as in the classroom.

Careers guidance

We are one of the few business schools in Europe to offer a comprehensive careers service specifically for our part-time MBA students. Whether you are looking to accelerate your current career or branch out in another direction, we offer unparalleled career-planning advice through our bespoke web 2.0 portal, on the telephone or face to face with advisors in our international centres. You don't get that with other MBAs.