Get first-hand experience on your MBA with the Manchester Method

practical, situation-based learning approach unlike any other, the Manchester Method is learning by doing.

Developed by Alliance MBS in the 1960s, the Manchester Method focuses on teamwork, practice-based learning and self-reflection. It allows you to use and build on your own experiences to improve your leadership skills and manage complex projects.

Everything you learn at Alliance Manchester Business School can be applied directly to your working life. We don’t just give you the theory; we show you how to use it to get immediate results through:

  • Authentic, real-world case studies
  • Practical assignments based on your own organisation’s business challenges
  • Group work with colleagues from diverse cultures at residential workshops
  • Six month project with a live client
  • Innovative business simulation exercise that encourages you to think and act as a CEO
  • Critical reflection embedded into the programme

That’s the Manchester Method.