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Alliance Manchester Business School

Alliance Manchester Business School has a global reputation for innovative and influential teaching and research, which impacts business on a local, national and international level. We call this Original Thinking Applied.320 Articles

Ismail Erturk

Ismail joined the School in January 1987, having worked previously for a merchant bank in Istanbul. Ismail is a regular commentator in the broadcast and print media. He has taught corporate finance, bank financial management and international finance on both the School’s MBA and Executive Centre programmes. His research interests are in financialisation and financial innovation.8 Articles

John Pal

John Pal is a Senior Lecturer in retailing at Alliance Manchester Business School. A regular guest on the likes of BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 5 Live and The Today Programme, John specialises in corporate retail failure, retailer lobbying, retail location and general retail management.7 Articles

Leah Gillooly

Leah is a Lecturer in Marketing at Alliance Manchester Business School. Her areas of expertise include: sports marketing, sponsorship, sports brands, stadium naming and football marketing. She has appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Wake up to Money discussing football sponsorship issues. Her interests also include ambush marketing, along with topics marketing to sports fans and branding in sport.6 Articles

Michael is a Professor and Director of our Centre for Infrastructure Development. Michael’s chief research interests are in the application of science & technology to regional economic development, infrastructure planning & finance, & entrepreneurship & new enterprise development. He also has published widely in environmental impact and public policy. Michael is interviewed regularly by broadcast and print media as an authority on all of these matters.5 Articles

Tarlok Teji

Tarlok Teji is a retail expert and regular commentator on the current state and future of the UK high street, ecommerce, mobile technologies and wider retail trends. He is called upon to discuss how high street names are faring in the changing face of retail and often appears on television and radio providing insight and future trend predictions.3 Articles

Alex Gunz

Kieran Walshe

Kieran Walshe is Professor of Health Policy and Management at Alliance Manchester Business School, and head of the health management group at Alliance MBS.2 Articles

Nuno Gill

Nuno is a Professor and Chair of New Infrastructure Development at Alliance Manchester Business School. Nuno’s research has a focus on new infrastructure development, looking at high-performance project and programme delivery, defining infrastructure in a socio-economic way. Nuno comments around design theory, new infrastructure development; infrastructure business ecosystems, management of capital projects and programmes in the media.2 Articles

Paula Hyde

Adam Leaver

Adam Leaver is a Senior Lecturer in financialisation and business analysis. His main interest is in a cultural and political economy approach to the financial services sector, financialisation and financial crises. Adam has appeared on BBC Breakfast discussing the controversial takeover bid for Astra Zeneca. His current research involves the changing role of central banks in the global economy and effects of crisis within the UK economy and businesses.1 Articles

Don Ward

Don Ward is a key figure in the UK construction industry and Co-Director of the Centre for Infrastructure Development at Alliance Manchester Business School. His expertise is garnered from 27 years’ experience specialising in industry change, supply chain integration, collaborative working, benchmarking and sustainability. He is also an advisor to the Cabinet Office.1 Articles

Naomi Chambers

Naomi is professor of healthcare management at Alliance Manchester Business School. Additional roles include lay member / vice chair of NHS North Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group. Her wide range of teaching, advisory and research interests include health care commissioning, board governance and effectiveness in the public and charitable sectors, leadership development in the NHS, health policy and management in Europe, primary care, emergency planning, ehealth and clinical costing.1 Articles

Alan Boyd

Professor Elaine Ferneley

Elaine is the MBA & MPA Director at Alliance Manchester Business School and regularly comments around business education and MBA programmes in the media. Her research interests are in the area of technological innovation and change.1 Articles

Miguel Martinez Lucio

Miguel is a professor in Alliance Manchester Business School’s People, Management and Organisations division. Miguel has authored a book on International Human Resource Management. His research looks at the changing patterns of rights and regulation within employment relations and HR. His work considers the position and role of regulation and institutions in the context of globalisation, increasing managerialism, and socio-economic uncertainty.1 Articles

Andrew James

Andrew James is a Senior Lecturer in Science and Technology Policy and Management and a member of the Manchester Institute of Innovation and Research at Alliance Manchester Business School. His research and teaching interests focus on corporate technology strategy, innovation management and science and technology policy, as well as business strategy.1 Articles

Audra Diers-Lawson

Audra is a lecturer in Alliance Manchester Business School’s Marketing, Operations Management and Service System Unit. With 15 years’ experience in the marketing communications industry in the United States, Audra can comment widely on brand attempts to create, implement, and evaluate marketing communication campaigns including public relations, advertising, and strategic engagement with key consumer and stakeholder groups.1 Articles

Chris Bones

Chris is Professor of Creativity and Leadership at Alliance Manchester Business School and a leading global authority on the subject. As the author of The Cult of the Leader, Chris is regularly called upon by media, such as The Financial Times for his commentary on strategy, leadership and business culture.1 Articles

Penny Clarke

Penny is a Senior Lecturer at Alliance MBS within our Accounting and Finance Division. Penny’s areas of expertise are around tax and accounting.1 Articles

Mark Batey

Mark is Chair of the Psychometrics at Work Research Group at Alliance Manchester Business School. As Associate Editor of the International Journal of Creativity and Problem Solving, he is one of the most published researchers in creativity. Mark is regularly called upon by the media to discuss creativity, innovation, leadership and executive education.1 Articles

Jakob Edler

James is Lecturer in Enterprise at Alliance Manchester Business School’s Manchester Enterprise Centre. He focuses on research about how young entrepreneurs build multi-million pound businesses. James has contributed to media articles around the challenges and opportunities that come with being an entrepreneur, including policy support for entrepreneurial businesses and can discuss all aspects of enterprise.

Jamie Burton

Jamie is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Alliance Manchester Business School and has previously held a wide variety of service roles, including retail manager for HMV. His specialisms include customer feedback, customer relationship management, retention and profitability, servitisation and service infusion.

Sheena Johnson

Sheena Johnson is an Occupational and Chartered Psychologist, and Senior Lecturer at Alliance Manchester Business School. Sheena is a leading researcher into the topics of stress and health and regularly presents her work at national and international conferences, as well as in the media. She is also associate editor of the International Journal of Stress Management.

Jill Rubery

Jill Rubery is a Professor of Comparitive Employment Systems at Alliance Manchester Business School and has been involved in a large number of research projects, sponsored by the ESRC, the Equal Opportunities Commission, the ILO and the European Commission. Jill comments in the media around labour market regulation policies and the role of minimum wages; new forms of work and flexibility; women's employment and women's pay; employers' working-time policies; and international comparative labour market analysis.

Gary Davies

Gary Davies is Professor of Strategy at Alliance Manchester Business School. A regular media commentator across Sky and the BBC, Gary focuses on strategy, corporate reputation, marketing strategy and crisis management. His current research interests focus on reputation management, branding, employer branding and spillover effects from corporate to product branding.

Debra Howcroft

Debra is a Professor of Technology and Organisation at Alliance Manchester Business School. Her research covers the drivers and consequences of socio-economic restructuring in a global context.

Karel Williams

Karel Williams is director of the ESRC funded Centre for Research on Socio Cultural Change (CRESC) where he leads research by a Alliance Manchester Business School team into financialisation and financial innovation. Karel is a regular media commentator around manufacturing, the automotive industry and political economy.

Kieron Flanagan

Kieron is a Senior Lecturer in Science and Technology Policy at Alliance Manchester Business School and a member of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research. Kieron’s work focuses on public policy for science, technology and innovation. His current research focuses on the role of ideas and expertise in influencing public policy, taking the example of science and innovation policy and its relationship to scholarly analyses of science and innovation. He has appeared on the BBC’s Sunday Politics Show, among other media, commenting around the commercialisation of graphene.

Fiona Devine

Fiona is Head of Alliance Manchester Business School. Her research areas are in the fields of social stratification and mobility, work and employment and politics and participation from a comparative US/UK perspective. Fiona jointly led the research that underpinned the BBC’s ‘The Great British Class Calculator’ as the orgainsation sought to redefine the UK’s classes.