Programme structure FAQs

Can I study on a part-time basis?

Yes, but we only recommend part-time study to those candidates who live within commuting distance of the School, particularly for the Research Training stage of the programme. International students are not normally permitted to study on a part-time basis.

How long does part-time study take?

The doctoral programme will take six years to complete, with an additional one year permitted if extra time is needed by the student for completing the writing up of the thesis.

The MPhil programme will take two years on a part-time basis, and again if needed, one additional year is permitted for completing the writing up of the thesis.

How many days a week do I have to come in to attend classes for the PhD programme?

Research training units are held weekly from September to April/May. Part-time students are permitted to spread the research training units over two academic years. A full-time PhD demands the same amount of time as a full-time job, so you must be committed to devoting that amount of time to the programme.

When is the next entry point?

Entry is in September each year.