Research innovation

Original thinking isn’t enough; it has to be applied. By working closely with industry we can solve real problems, predict future trends and drive change in business and management.

The research carried out at Alliance MBS has an enormous impact on the way people do business across the world, from changing behaviour to influencing policy decisions.

Alliance MBS is making a real impact with its ground-breaking research, for example:

World finance

Research partner: The Marie Curie Risk Network
Research lead: Professor Ser-Huang Poon

With the aim of preventing future global crises, the project funds 32 Marie Curie Fellows, including four post-doctoral research fellows, 10 PhD students, and 18 short-term research visits for early stage researchers. Research topics include: Risk Reporting and Organisation; Banking Theories and Practices; and Regulatory Requirements and Risk Modelling Frameworks. The industry partners provide secondment opportunities to, and help train, the Marie Curie research fellows in joint collaborative research.

By bringing together a multi-sector and multi-disciplinary team of experts, the network is providing insights and innovative solutions to many of the current financial problems.

The Marie Curie Risk Network

Government policy

Research partner: UK Treasury Select Committee
Research lead: Professor Colin Talbot

Professor Talbot’s public evidence to the Committee is on the record and many of the Committee’s reports over the past decade have adopted his ideas. In turn some of this has flowed through into changes in HMT policy. As a result, Professor Talbot has been asked to advise several other governments and parliaments including in Canada, Japan, France, Estonia and Latvia. Follow Professor Talbot’s blog.

Corporate reputation

Research partners include: the UK government, House of Fraser, Lloyds TSB, Marks and Spencer, and Tesco and the city of Moscow.
Research lead: Professor Gary Davies

Our research focuses on developing and establishing a measure of reputation, in order to show how companies can best manage their reputation and, more importantly, the financial benefits this might bring. With our help, organisations are now able to measure their corporate reputation and use this information to manage it and guide their strategy. As well as the reputation of an organisation, the research has also shown how the reputation of a country or city reputation can influence markets.