Library services

Alliance MBS Library provides a wide range of bespoke services and assistance to Alliance MBS faculty. Areas where we can help include:

Academic research projects

Alliance MBS Library offers support throughout the whole lifecycle of a research project. Starting at the initial proposal stage, through data gathering, analysis and write-up. This includes bespoke training, alerting to and acquiring of new resources and working on collaborative projects.

Training and specialist support with electronic datasets and research techniques

Training and specialist support are key activities. Staff are qualified and experienced in the direct provision of this to researchers. We also provide faculty with specialist advice on resource selection and provision, especially with respect to new research datasets.

Taught programme support

We are happy to support all taught modules at all points of the academic year. Our staff can deliver bespoke sessions on data retrieval, analysis and literature searching etc.

Journal impact factors and citation metrics

Using specialist research tools we provide analysis and support in these crucial areas.

Dissemination of Alliance MBS research outputs

This is a major contribution to the external academic research profile of Alliance MBS and is achieved in following ways:

  • Assistance with and advice on the deposit of Alliance MBS research outputs in the forthcoming University Institutional Repository with ongoing support of this process.
  • The library acts as a repository for all Alliance MBS-produced publications, holding a large collection of historical and current material, which includes the entire collection of Alliance MBS's print working papers. It also deals with a wide range of external queries in this area.
  • The library also receives a donation copy of the majority of faculty authored, commercially published books. These are prominently displayed in the EDL, visible to the whole of the Alliance MBS community, plus visitors to the School, highlighting the School's research output
  • Regularly updated information on the publication of journal articles by Alliance MBS faculty and published on the Alliance MBS website and intranets.

Services for new researchers

All new researchers benefit from a tailored programme of assistance, including one-to one sessions identifying their research information needs, and providing them with guidance on the full range of library services open to them.

Services for researchers on sabbatical

All researchers going on sabbatical are given the opportunity to have a one-to-one session with a librarian beforehand to establish what resources they may need to access for the period of their leave with any accompanying training. During the course of the sabbatical, each faculty member benefits from a dedicated contact that can provide advice, assistance and provision of research materials as and when required.