Dr Axèle Giroud

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Position: Senior Lecturer in International Business and Management
Personal home page: https://php.portals.mbs.ac.uk/agiroud.aspx
Academic unit: People, Management and Organisations


Dr Axele Giroud is Reader in International Business at Manchester Business School. She is President of the Euro-Asia Management Studies association, and was Director of the MSc in International Business and Management until 2012. She has previously worked in the University of Paris I, Pantheon-Sorbonne, and Bradford University School of Management. Her research interest cover issues of multinational firms strategies, knowledge transfer, linkages in host economies and economic development. Dr Giroud is frequently invited as an expert for international seminars (notably some organised by DFID, the World Bank and the United Nations). She has published extensively in academic journals (notable International Business Review, Management International Review, World Development, Asian Business and Management) and has completed several research reports for major organisations such as the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation, the British Department for International Development, the ASEAN Secretariat, and the United Nations. She sits on the editorial board of three academic journals.

Research Interests

Keywords: MNEs, Knowledge Transfer, Linkages and FDI Impact in Host Economies, International Strategies of Firms, Business in Asia
The main research themes I am developing link theoretical concepts from the international economics literature, together with theoretical aspects of the international business literature, and in particular those of the management of the multinational firms, inter- and intra-firms knowledge exchange and linkages, and business in emerging markets with a focus on Asia. I am well published and recognised as an experts for the topics of 1) MNEs linkages in host economies; 2) FDI, economic development and regionalisation; 3) multinational firms buyer-supplier relations; 4) inter- and intra-firms knowledge transfer and acquisition; 5) business in emerging markets and in Asia.
Research topic 1: MNEs, FDI and Impact on Host Economies
Sub-topic A: MNEs Linkages in Host Economies
Sub-topic B: Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Development and Regionalisation
Research topic 2: International Strategies of Firms
Sub-topic A: Multinational firms buyer-supplier relations
Sub-topic B: Multinational firms technology transfer and acquisition
Research topic 3: Business in Asia
Editorial Board Membership of Major International Business Journals
  • International Business Review
  • Asian Business and Management
  • International Journal of Emerging Economies

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Working papers

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  • Najafi Tavani, Z., Zaefarian, G., Henneberg, S. C., Naude, P., Giroud, A., & Andersson, U. (2015). Subsidiary Knowledge Development in Knowledge Intensive Business Services: A Configuration Approach. Journal of International Marketing. DOI: 10.1509/jim.14.0150. Publication link: 7381e1b6-4292-4591-8acc-13086f97787f
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  • Simona, G-L., & Giroud, A. (2010). Does the East learn from the West? How Polish automotive suppliers learn from Western MNEs’. Journal of East-West Business, 15(3&4), 271-294. . Publication link: 7799efd1-929f-42ad-a7ea-b4a6646bc69f


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