Dr Anita Greenhill

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Position: Senior Lecturer
Academic unit: People, Management and Organisations


Dr Anita Greenhill joined MBS in September 2003.

Anita received her PhD from the Engineering & Information Technology Faculty, Griffith University in 2002. She also received her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) II from the Arts Faculty, Griffith University in 1993. Prior to her appointment Anita was employed as a lecturer in Information Systems in the Faculty of Management and Commerce, Griffith University, and in the Faculty of Computing & Information Technology, Griffith University. Anita has over 60 published articles in various fields of interest and expertise: Information Systems, Virtual Communities, Sociology, Skills acquisition in Information Technology, Gender an Information Technology, Information Technology, Policy and Education, Qualitative Research Methods.

Research Interests

Dr Greenhill's key areas of research interest are in the areas of Networked Usage of Technology within Community, Organisational and Business settings. Under this broad theme she has specialised interests and is actively conducting research into technologically enable work, spatiality, and Internet/ World Wide Web Usage in Organisations. Dr Greenhill has a growing body of published work (more than 60 publications) ranging from examination of virtual space and the impact that new technological developments are having on organisations and people to the use of technology on techno-religious practice. Dr Greenhill recently carried out a research project for the National Coordinating Centre of Public Engagement (NCCPE) examining the engagement practices between Universities and Local Communities. Dr Greenhill has successfully supervised PhD and postgraduate students in these areas as well as establishing industry contacts from which grants can be collaborated with in the near future. Dr Greenhill has received mainstream media interest in research carried out on tribalism and conflict of online communities.

Additional Information

Dr Greenhill has been developing an area of research around Volunteer Crowd Sourcing, Smart Cities and Future Technology and Innovation through Creative Science Prototyping. She is running a specialist workshop on the Creative Science Prototyping theme at The Academy of Management Conference in Miami 2013, along with Dr Gary Graham Leeds Uni and Prof Vic Callaghan Uni of Essex.

The workshop is designed to present and extend the existing work as well as to build our research network (NEMODE as well build international contacts) and strengthen contacts and Management research in America and across the globe. Furthermore the workshop will assist to galvanise the academic and practitioner interest which will then be reflected in a forthcoming special issue in the Journal Research Policy (the 4* ABS Journal).

As background to existing work she is editing two special issues in Futures (available online) as well as Technology Forecasting and Social Change (forthcoming).

She also has established professional associations with MIT, Duke Uni and Intel at the AoM Conference.

Dr Greenhill is a Senior Lecturer at the Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. Dr Greenhill has an extensive research and publication list exploring cultural practices of online communities. Dr Greenhill is currently researching the changing role of the city, local communities and their use of community news media in the digital age. Dr Greenhill is currently teaching on both the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching courses.

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