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ImageFull nameJob title
Photo for Ali, MohammedAli, MohammedTeaching Assistant
Photo for Allen, MatthewAllen, MatthewSenior Lecturer In Organisation Studies
Photo for Amanatidou, EffieAmanatidou, EffieResearch Fellow
Photo for Anderson, LoriAnderson, LoriLecturer
Photo for Aretz, KevinAretz, KevinSenior Lecturer in Finance
Photo for Arundale, MikeArundale, MikeLecturer in Management (strategy)
Photo for Ashton, AlisonAshton, AlisonMBSW Lecturer
Photo for Aylen, JonathanAylen, JonathanSenior Lecturer
Photo for Bailey, SimonBailey, SimonResearch Associate
Photo for Banister, EmmaBanister, EmmaSenior Lecturer in Consumer Research
Photo for Barker, KateBarker, KateSenior Lecturer
Photo for Batey, MarkBatey, MarkSenior Lecturer In Organisational Psychology
Photo for Begkos, ChristosBegkos, ChristosLecturer in Management Accounting
Photo for Benaim, MickaelBenaim, MickaelResearch Associate
Photo for Benson, LawrenceBenson, LawrenceSenior Fellow
Photo for Bianchi, LaraBianchi, LaraResearch Associate
Photo for Bleda, MercedesBleda, MercedesLecturer
Photo for Boaden, RuthBoaden, RuthDirector, NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) Greater Manchester and Professor of Service Operations Management, Manchester Business School
Photo for Bond, JulianBond, JulianSenior Fellow
Photo for Bones, ChrisBones, Chris 
Photo for Bowe, MichaelBowe, MichaelProfessor of International Finance
Photo for Boyd, AlanBoyd, AlanResearch Fellow
Photo for Brennan, MichaelBrennan, MichaelProfessor of Finance
Photo for Bresnen, MichaelBresnen, MichaelProfessor of Organisation Studies
Photo for Brookes, StephenBrookes, StephenSenior Fellow in Public Policy and Management
Photo for Bruce, HelenBruce, HelenLecturer in Marketing
Photo for Burrell, WilliamBurrell, WilliamProfessor of Organisation Theory
Photo for Burton, JamieBurton, JamieSenior Lecturer
Photo for Byrom, JohnByrom, JohnLecturer in Marketing
Photo for Cameron, HughCameron, HughSenior Lecturer
Photo for Casson, CatherineCasson, CatherineLecturer
Photo for Chambers, NaomiChambers, NaomiProfessor of Healthcare Management
Photo for Chen, Yu-WangChen, Yu-WangLecturer in Decision Sciences
Photo for Chittenden, FrancisChittenden, FrancisACCA Professor of Small Business Finance
Photo for Cho, SungjunCho, SungjunLecturer in Finance
Photo for Choksy, UmairChoksy, UmairLecturer in International Business and Management
Photo for Chowdhury, Ilma NurChowdhury, Ilma NurLecturer in Marketing
Photo for Christodoulakis, GeorgeChristodoulakis, GeorgeSenior Lecturer in Finance
Photo for Clark, ElaineClark, ElaineFellow in Health Management
Photo for Clarke, PennyClarke, PennyLecturer in Accounting (Teaching)
Photo for Clarke, SharonClarke, SharonProfessor in Organisational Psychology
Photo for Clifford, NickClifford, NickSenior Fellow
Photo for Collett, NickCollett, NickSenior Lecturer
Photo for Cooper, CaryCooper, Cary50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health
Photo for Cousins, PaulCousins, PaulProfessor of Operations Management
Photo for Cox, DeborahCox, DeborahResearch Fellow
Photo for Csiszar, JuditCsiszar, JuditSenior Lecturer - Healthcare Management
Photo for Cui, CharlesCui, CharlesSenior Lecturer in International Management and Marketing
Photo for Cunningham, PaulCunningham, PaulSenior Research Fellow
Photo for Czaban, LaszloCzaban, LaszloSenior Lecturer in Organisational Analysis
Photo for Dallyn, SamDallyn, SamLecturer in Management and Organisation Studies
Photo for Daly, LucyDaly, LucyClient Development Director
Photo for Dang, VietDang, VietSenior Lecturer in Finance
Photo for Davies, GaryDavies, GaryProfessor of Corporate Reputation
Photo for De Bruijn, OscarDe Bruijn, OscarLecturer
Photo for De Cesari, AmedeoDe Cesari, AmedeoLecturer in Finance, Accounting & Finance
Photo for De Mattos, ClaudioDe Mattos, ClaudioLecturer in International Business & Marketing
Photo for Deng, HongDeng, HongSenior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Organizational Behavior
Photo for Devine, FionaDevine, FionaHead of School
Photo for Dewick, PaulDewick, PaulLecturer
Photo for Dundon, TonyDundon, TonyProfessor of HRM & Employment Relations
Photo for Dutordoir, MarieDutordoir, MarieProfessor in Finance
Photo for Edler, JakobEdler, JakobProfessor of Innovation Policy and Strategy
Photo for El-Sayed, HebaEl-Sayed, HebaLecturer in Accounting & Finance
Photo for Erturk, IsmailErturk, IsmailSenior Lecturer
Photo for Espenlaub, SusanneEspenlaub, SusanneSenior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
Photo for Evans, PaulEvans, PaulLecturer in Business Analysis
Photo for Fagan, ColetteFagan, ColetteProfessor
Photo for Ferneley, ElaineFerneley, ElaineDirector, MBA Programmes
Photo for Feser, EdwardFeser, EdwardVisiting Professor
Photo for Fielden, SandraFielden, SandraSenior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology and Co-director, Centre For Equality and Diversity at Work
Photo for Flanagan, KieronFlanagan, KieronSenior Lecturer in Science and Technology Policy
Photo for Freeman, JimFreeman, JimSenior Lecturer in Statistics
Photo for Froud, JulieFroud, JulieProfessor of Financial Innovation
Photo for Gagliardi, DimitriGagliardi, DimitriPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Photo for Gamlen, PhilipGamlen, PhilipPortfolio Director Corporate Learning
Photo for Gao, NingGao, NingSenior Lecturer In Finance
Photo for Garrett, IanGarrett, IanProfessor of Finance
Photo for Geels, FrankGeels, FrankProf of System Innovation & sustainability
Photo for Georghiou, LukeGeorghiou, LukeDirector of Policy Research Programme
Photo for Ghobadi, ShahlaGhobadi, ShahlaLecturer in Enterprise Information Systems
Photo for Gil, NunoGil, NunoAcademic Director, Centre for Infrastructure Development
Photo for Gill, SusanGill, SusanLecturer in Healthcare Management
Photo for Gillooly, LeahGillooly, LeahLecturer in Marketing
Photo for Giroud, AxèleGiroud, AxèleSenior Lecturer in International Business and Management
Photo for Goatman, AnnaGoatman, AnnaSenior Lecturer
Photo for Goff, MhoragGoff, MhoragResearch Associate
Photo for Gok, AbdullahGok, AbdullahLecturer in Innovation, Strategy and Business Economics
Photo for Gough, ClairGough, ClairResearch Fellow
Photo for Granter, EdwardGranter, EdwardLecturer, Organisation and Society
Photo for Greenhill, AnitaGreenhill, AnitaSenior Lecturer
Photo for Grimes, AnthonyGrimes, AnthonyLecturer in Marketing
Photo for Grimshaw, DamianGrimshaw, DamianReader and Director of the European Work and Employment Research Centre
Photo for Guediri, SaraGuediri, SaraLecturer in Organisational Psychology
Photo for Gunz, AlexanderGunz, AlexanderLecturer in Marketing
Photo for Haar, LauraHaar, LauraLecturer in International Business
Photo for Hampson, DanielHampson, DanielLecturer in Marketing
Photo for Handl, JuliaHandl, JuliaLecturer in Decision Sciences
Photo for Harvey, GillHarvey, GillReader in Health Management
Photo for Hassard, JohnHassard, JohnProfessor of Organisational Analysis
Photo for Hatani, FaithHatani, FaithLecturer in International Business
Photo for He, HongweiHe, HongweiProfessor of Marketing
Photo for Healey, MarkHealey, MarkLecturer in Business Economics and Strategy
Photo for Hebson, GailHebson, GailSenior Lecturer in Employment Studies
Photo for Henery, MartinHenery, MartinEnterprise Academic Lecturer
Photo for Hickie, JamesHickie, JamesLecturer
Photo for Hodgkinson, GerardHodgkinson, GerardProfessor of Strategic Management and Behavioural Science
Photo for Hodgson, DamianHodgson, DamianChair of Organisational Analysis
Photo for Hoel, HelgeHoel, HelgeProfessor in Organisational Psychology
Photo for Holland, ChristopherHolland, ChristopherProfessor of Information Systems
Photo for Holman, DavidHolman, DavidProfessor in Organisational Psychology
Photo for Howcroft, DebraHowcroft, DebraProfessor / Head of Financial Digital Innovation group
Photo for Howell, SydHowell, SydProfessor of Financial Management
Photo for Hughes, DavidHughes, DavidLecturer in Organisational Psychology
Photo for Humphrey, ChrisHumphrey, ChrisProfessor of Accounting
Photo for Hunt, CarrieHunt, CarrieResearch Fellow
Photo for Huq, FahianHuq, FahianLecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management
Photo for Hyde, PaulaHyde, PaulaProfessor in Organisation and Society
Photo for Hyde, StuartHyde, StuartProfessor of Finance & PGR Activity Head
Photo for Irwing, PaulIrwing, PaulProfessor in Organisational Psychology
Photo for Jackson, PaulJackson, PaulProfessor of Corporate Communications
Photo for James, AndrewJames, AndrewSenior Lecturer in Science & Technology Policy and Management
Photo for Jiang, WeiJiang, WeiLecturer
Photo for Johnson, SheenaJohnson, SheenaSenior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology
Photo for Jones, JulianJones, JulianLecturer in Accounting
Photo for Kauser, SaleemaKauser, SaleemaLecturer in Strategy, Director for Mbus in Global
Photo for Kawalek, PeterKawalek, PeterProfessor of Information Systems and Strategy
Photo for Keeling, KathyKeeling, KathySenior Lecturer in Marketing Research
Photo for Keizer, ArjanKeizer, ArjanLecturer in International Hr / Comp Ir
Photo for Khan, Ambarin AsadKhan, Ambarin AsadLecturer in International Business & Management
Photo for Khan, RazaKhan, RazaLecturer in Decision Sciences
Photo for Khurshed, ArifKhurshed, ArifProfessor of Finance
Photo for Kilbane, JacquelineKilbane, JacquelineLecturer
Photo for Kislov, RomanKislov, RomanResearch Fellow
Photo for Kitagawa, FumiKitagawa, FumiLecturer in Enterprise Studies
Photo for Kolokolova, OlgaKolokolova, OlgaLecturer in Finance
Photo for Kostakis, AlexKostakis, AlexSenior Lecturer in Finance
Photo for Kuasirikun, NoochKuasirikun, NoochSenior Lecturer in Accounting
Photo for Lampel, JosephLampel, JosephEddie Davies Professor
Photo for Laredo, PhilippeLaredo, PhilippeVisiting Professor
Photo for Leaver, AdamLeaver, AdamProfessor in Financialization and Business Analysis
Photo for Lee, AllanLee, AllanLecturer
Photo for Lee, EdwardLee, EdwardProfessor of Accounting & Finance
Photo for Leonard, DilysLeonard, DilysLecturer in Healthcare Management
Photo for Li, YanchaoLi, YanchaoResearch Associate
Photo for Liu, HeningLiu, HeningReader in Finance
Photo for Liu, JiajiaLiu, JiajiaLecturer in Asian Business / Organisation Studies
Photo for Llewellyn, SueLlewellyn, SueProfessor of Accountability and Management Control and Director of Herbert Simon Institute
Photo for Lopez andreu, MartiLopez andreu, MartiMarie Curie Research Fellow
Photo for Lopez-Ibanez, ManuelLopez-Ibanez, ManuelLecturer in Decision Science
Photo for Loucopoulos, PericlesLoucopoulos, PericlesProfessor
Photo for Loveridge, DenisLoveridge, DenisHonorary Visiting Professor
Photo for Lowe, DavidLowe, DavidSenior Lecturer in Commercial Management
Photo for Luger, MichaelLuger, MichaelDirector of CID
Photo for Mahon, AnnMahon, AnnSenior Lecturer
Photo for Malik, FareesaMalik, FareesaLecturer in International Business & Management
Photo for Malik, KhaleelMalik, KhaleelSenior Lecturer in Technology Management and Innovation
Photo for Mansur, MohaimenMansur, MohaimenLecturer in Empirical Economics
Photo for Marandi, EbiMarandi, EbiSenior Lecturer in Marketing
Photo for Marchica, MariaMarchica, MariaSenior Lecturer in Finance
Photo for Marin pitalua, Cesar A.Marin pitalua, Cesar A.Research Fellow
Photo for Marino, StefaniaMarino, StefaniaResearch Associate
Photo for Martin, RobinMartin, RobinProfessor of Organisational Psychology
Photo for Martinez Lucio, MiguelMartinez Lucio, MiguelProfessor of International HRM
Photo for Marzocchi, ChiaraMarzocchi, ChiaraResearch Associate
Photo for Massini, SilviaMassini, SilviaProfessor of Economics and Management of Innovation
Photo for Maytorena-Sanchez, EuniceMaytorena-Sanchez, EuniceLecturer in Construction Project Management
Photo for McBride, AnneMcBride, AnneSenior Lecturer in Employment Studies
Photo for McCann, LeoMcCann, LeoProfessor of Organisation Studies
Photo for Mccarthy, JillianMccarthy, JillianSenior Lecturer in Health Management
Photo for McDonald, RuthMcDonald, RuthProfessor of Health Science Research and Policy
Photo for Mclean, ChristineMclean, ChristineLecturer in Social Studies of Technology and Organising
Photo for McMeekin, AndrewMcMeekin, AndrewProfessor
Photo for Mcphail, KennethMcphail, KennethChair in Accounting
Photo for Mee, AndyMee, AndySenior Lecturer (Healthcare Management)
Photo for Meechan, FionaMeechan, FionaLecturer in Healthcare Management
Photo for Mehandjiev, NikMehandjiev, NikProfessor of Enterprise Information Systems
Photo for Mikhailov, LudmilMikhailov, LudmilSenior Lecturer
Photo for Miles, IanMiles, IanProfessor of Technological Innovation and Social Change
Photo for Miozzo, MarcelaMiozzo, MarcelaProfessor of Economics & Management of Innovation
Photo for Modell, SvenModell, SvenProfessor of Accounting
Photo for Moger, SusanMoger, SusanSenior Fellow and Programme Director (HVM)
Photo for Mohamad, MostafaMohamad, MostafaLecturer of Information & Innovation Systems
Photo for Moll, JodieMoll, JodieSenior Lecturer
Photo for Moralee, SimonMoralee, SimonLecturer in Healthcare Management
Photo for Moran, MickMoran, MickProfessor of Government
Photo for Mousavi, SaharMousavi, SaharLecturer in Marketing
Photo for Mura, RobertoMura, RobertoSenior Lecturer in Finance
Photo for Mustchin, StephenMustchin, StephenLecturer in Employment Studies
Photo for MYLAN, JosephineMYLAN, JosephineResearch Fellow
Photo for Naude, PeteNaude, PeteDeputy Director of Academic Programmes, Professor of Marketing
Photo for Nedeva, MariaNedeva, MariaProfessor of Science and Innovation Dynamics and Policy & IMP Divisional Head
Photo for Nelson, AdrianNelson, AdrianLecturer
Photo for Newholm, TerryNewholm, TerryHonorary Visiting Research Fellow
Photo for Newman, MikeNewman, MikeProfessor of Information Systems
Photo for Nicholson, BrianNicholson, BrianProfessor of Information Systems
Photo for Nicollier, LucianaNicollier, LucianaLecturer
Photo for Nieroda, MarzenaNieroda, MarzenaLecturer in Marketing
Photo for Niesten, EvaNiesten, EvaLecturer in Innvtn, Stgy & Entrprnrshp
Photo for Niven, KarenNiven, KarenLecturer in Organisational Psychology
Photo for Oakey, RayOakey, RayProfessor of Business Development
Photo for O'Connor, ElinorO'Connor, ElinorTeaching Fellow in Occupational Psychology
Photo for O'Doherty, DamianO'Doherty, DamianLecturer in Organisation Analysis
Photo for Ohlson, JamesOhlson, JamesProfessor Of Accounting
Photo for Otsubo, YoichiOtsubo, YoichiLecturer in Finance
Photo for Pal, JohnPal, JohnSenior Lecturer in Retailing
Photo for Papamichail, NadiaPapamichail, NadiaSenior Lecturer in Information and Decision Systems
Photo for Paskaleva, KrassimiraPaskaleva, KrassimiraSenior Research Fellow
Photo for Paulraj, AntonyPaulraj, AntonyChair in Operations and Supply Chain Management
Photo for Paxson, DeanPaxson, DeanProfessor of Finance
Photo for Perlman-dee, PatriciaPerlman-dee, PatriciaLecturer in Finance
Photo for Petrounias, IliasPetrounias, IliasSenior Lecturer
Photo for Petry, StefanPetry, StefanLecturer in Finance
Photo for Phillips, RobertPhillips, RobertEnterprise Lecturer
Photo for Pinkse, JonatanPinkse, JonatanProfessor of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Photo for Poon, Ser-HuangPoon, Ser-HuangProfessor of Finance
Photo for Popper, RafaelPopper, RafaelResearch Fellow
Photo for Potter, AntonyPotter, AntonyLecturer in Operations Supply Chain Management
Photo for Proudlove, NathanProudlove, NathanSenior Lecturer in Operational Research
Photo for Quariguasi frota net, JoaoQuariguasi frota net, JoaoSenior Lecturer
Photo for Rafferty, AnthonyRafferty, AnthonyLecturer in Employment Studies
Photo for Ramlogan, RonaldRamlogan, RonaldSenior Research Fellow
Photo for Randles, SallyRandles, SallySenior Research Fellow
Photo for Rashman, LyndsayRashman, LyndsaySenior Fellow, MBA Projects Director
Photo for Richardson, EmmaRichardson, EmmaResearch Associate
Photo for Rigby, JohnRigby, JohnSenior Research Fellow
Photo for Robinson, TerryRobinson, TerryLecturer
Photo for Rodriguez, JennyRodriguez, JennyLecturer in Employment Studies
Photo for Roele, IreneRoele, IreneLead Fellow
Photo for Rubery, JillRubery, JillProfessor of Comparative Employment Systems, Head of PMO Division
Photo for Rygh, AsmundRygh, AsmundLecturer in International Business & Management
Photo for Saadouni, BrahimSaadouni, BrahimSenior Lecturer
Photo for Salehnejad, RezaSalehnejad, RezaTeaching Fellow in Economics
Photo for Sampaio, PedroSampaio, PedroSenior Lecturer in Business Technology and Information Systems
Photo for Samsonova-Taddei, AnnaSamsonova-Taddei, AnnaLecturer in Accounting
Photo for Sanchez romaguera, VeronicaSanchez romaguera, VeronicaLecturer
Photo for Sanghavi, NitinSanghavi, NitinProfessor of Retail Marketing
Photo for Sarantopoulos, PanagiotisSarantopoulos, PanagiotisLecturer in Marketing
Photo for Saritas, OzcanSaritas, OzcanSenior Research Fellow; Currently seconded to the Higher School of Economics Moscow as a Professor of Business and Innovation
Photo for Scapens, RobertScapens, RobertProfessor of Accounting
Photo for Schleicher, ThomasSchleicher, ThomasLecturer
Photo for Scott, HelenScott, HelenTEACHING FELLOW
Photo for Shaoul, JeanShaoul, JeanProfessor Emerita
Photo for Shapira, PhilipShapira, PhilipProfessor of Innovation Management and Policy
Photo for Shaw, DuncanShaw, DuncanProfessor of Operations & Critical Systems
Photo for Shiryaeva, NatalyaShiryaeva, NatalyaLecturer in Accounting (Teaching Focused)
Photo for Siddiqui, JavedSiddiqui, JavedSenior Lecturer in Accounting
Photo for Simpson, PaulSimpson, PaulLecturer in Economics
Photo for Sinkovics, NoemiSinkovics, NoemiLecturer in International Business & Management
Photo for Sinkovics, RudolfSinkovics, RudolfProfessor of International Business
Photo for Smith, ChristopherSmith, ChristopherSenior Lecturer
Photo for Spurling, NicolaSpurling, NicolaResearch Associate (Sustainable Practices Research Group)
Photo for Stafford, AnneStafford, AnneSenior Lecturer
Photo for Stapleton, PamStapleton, PamProfessor of Accounting
Photo for Stark, AndrewStark, AndrewCoutts Professor of Accounting and Finance
Photo for Stathopoulos, KonstantinosStathopoulos, KonstantinosProfessor of Accounting and Finance
Photo for Stewart, TheodorStewart, TheodorProfessor of Decision Sciences
Photo for Strivens, MikeStrivens, MikeSenior Fellow
Photo for Strong, NormanStrong, NormanProfessor of Accounting and Finance
Photo for Styles, JonathanStyles, JonathanEnterprise Lecturer
Photo for Sutcliffe, AlistairSutcliffe, AlistairHonorary Professor
Photo for Sveinsdottir, ThordisSveinsdottir, ThordisResearch Assistant
Photo for Talbot, CaroleTalbot, CaroleLecturer in Public Policy and Management
Photo for Tavora, IsabelTavora, IsabelLecturer in Human Resource Management
Photo for Taylor, AlexTaylor, AlexLecturer in Finance
Photo for Taylor, PeterTaylor, PeterVisiting Professor
Photo for Tazzyman, AbigailTazzyman, AbigailResearch Associate
Photo for Tether, BruceTether, BruceProfessor of Innovation Management and Strategy
Photo for Theodoulidis, BabisTheodoulidis, BabisSenior Lecturer in Information Management
Photo for Thomas, DuncanThomas, DuncanResearch Fellow and Visitors Coordinator
Photo for Tischer, DanielTischer, DanielLecturer in Financialisation & Business
Photo for Turley, StuartTurley, StuartProfessor of Accounting
Photo for Uyarra, ElviraUyarra, ElviraSenior Lecturer
Photo for Waddington, JeremyWaddington, JeremyProfessor
Photo for Walden, RogerWalden, RogerLecturer in Employment Law
Photo for Walker, MartinWalker, MartinProfessor of Finance and Accounting
Photo for Walsh, VivienWalsh, VivienEmeritus Professor of Innovation Management
Photo for Walshe, KieranWalshe, KieranProfessor of Health Policy and Management
Photo for Wang, George JiaguoWang, George JiaguoLecturer in Finance
Photo for Wang, ShuaiqiangWang, ShuaiqiangLecturer in Information Management
Photo for Wang, WeigangWang, WeigangLecturer
Photo for Webster, LeeWebster, LeeEnterprise Lecturer
Photo for Westrup, ChrisWestrup, ChrisSenior Lecturer
Photo for Whittington, DaleWhittington, DaleProfessor
Photo for Williams, KarelWilliams, KarelProfessor of Accounting and Political Economy
Photo for Wilson, PaulWilson, PaulResearch Fellow
Photo for Winch, GrahamWinch, GrahamProfessor of Project Management
Photo for Winter, MarkWinter, MarkSenior Lecturer in Management Practice
Photo for Wood-Harper, TrevorWood-Harper, TrevorProfessor of Information Systems
Photo for Xu, Dong-LingXu, Dong-LingChair of Decision Sciences and Systems
Photo for Xu, LiangXu, LiangLecturer in Management Accounting
Photo for Yamin, MoYamin, MoProfessor of International Business
Photo for Yang, ChunLeiYang, ChunLeiLecturer in Accounting
Photo for Yang, Jian-BoYang, Jian-BoProfessor, Chair of Decision and System Sciences
Photo for Yeow, JillianYeow, JillianResearch Fellow
Photo for Zagelmeyer, StefanZagelmeyer, StefanReader in Comparative and International Business
Photo for Zapf, DieterZapf, DieterVisiting Professor
Photo for Zeng, Cheng (Colin)Zeng, Cheng (Colin)Lecturer in Accounting
Photo for Zhang, SarahZhang, SarahLecturer in Finance
Photo for Zhang, XiaokeZhang, XiaokeProfessor in Chinese Business & Mgmt
Photo for Zolkiewski, JudyZolkiewski, JudyProfessor of Marketing