Dr Anthony Rafferty

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Position: Lecturer in Employment Studies
Academic unit: People, Management and Organisations

Research Interests

Dr. Anthony Rafferty's research involves the the use of large government or international datasets to analyse labour market developments in relation to demographic, economic and social trends. Current research chiefly concerns the statistical evaluation of the labour market impact of the recent economic crisis, government austerity policy, and public sector and welfare reform. A further strand of research concerns job quality in the EU.

- Labour market impact of recession, austerity and recovery

- Social and public policy evaluation

- Labour force analysis

- Welfare and public sector reform and the labour market

-Ethnic differences in graduate employment

- Capabilities perspectives to poverty, job quality, and 'Decent Work'

-Job quality in Europe.

Current & Recent Research Projects:

- "Divergence and convergence in job quality in Europe", Research project for the European Foundation for the improvement of Working and Living Conditions (Eurofound),

-"Gender differences in job quality in Europe", Research project for Eurofound

-'Gender, labour underutilisation and recession', ESRC Small Grant Click here

-Women and Austerity: The Economic Crisis and the Future of Gender Equality. Click here

-Ethnic differences in graduate level over-education, unemployment and wages. Click here

-Tripartite meeting of experts on the measurement of decent work, International Labour Organisation, Geneva (Independent Expert Advisor). Click here

Postgraduate Opportunities

I am interested in supervising PhD students on topics relevant to my research interests. I am a predominantly interested in quantitative projects, particularly those which utilise national or international survey datasets such as the European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS), EU Labour Force Surveys, Current Population Survey and other US microdatasets, and the Workplace Employment Relations Survey and international equivalents.

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-BMAN60621 Research Methods for Organisations (Module Coordinator and Lecturer). MSc. Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, MSc. International Human Resource Management and Comparative Industrial Relations, and MSc. Chinese Business and Management course.

-BMAN70231 Human Resource Management Strategy and Practice (Module Coordinator and Lecturer). MSc. Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations and MSc. International Human Resource Management and Comparative Industrial Relations.

-BMAN20842 Organizations and Employment (Module Coordinator and Lecturer). Level 2 undergraduate Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations Course.

-Global MBA Programme (Coordinator for HRM and Organisational Behaviour module and tutor/ workshop leader).

-Full-time MBA Programme: Lecturer, People, Management and Organisations Module.

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  • Lupton, R., Rafferty, A., & Hughes, C. (2016). Inclusive Growth: Opportunities and Challenges for Greater Manchester. Manchester: University of Manchester.. Publication link: e7e306e2-0bf5-4868-804d-754f72c0d360


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  • Rafferty, A., & Wiggan, J. (2008). Lone parents and welfare reform: The role of private recruitment agencies. London: Recruitment and Employment Confederation.. Publication link: 4bc77161-b92d-4444-b627-9db1772b488a
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  • Talbot, C., Wiggan, J., Hendey, N., & Rafferty, A. (2005). Job Centre Plus customer service performance and delivery: A qualitative review. (Department for Work and Pensions Research Report No. 276, London: HSMO). No publisher name.. Publication link: 3cdf609d-6813-4361-8a8d-b3fb28377b85


  • Rafferty, A. (2003). The characteristics of lone and coupled mothers working fewer than sixteen hours per week. (Department for Work and Pensions In- House Report No. 125, London: HSMO). No publisher name.. Publication link: e32af249-f14c-4d8c-b086-1da31920a737