Professor Bruce Tether

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Position: Professor of Innovation Management and Strategy
Academic unit: Innovation, Management and Policy


Bruce Tether is Professor of Innovation Management and Strategy at Manchester Business School (MBS) within the University of Manchester. A prosition he has held since October 2011.

Prior to this Bruce Tether was for four years Professor of Design and Innovation at Imperial College Business School in London, where he was also the leader of the design-innovation research team and the Research Director of Design London - a joint venture between Imperial College and the Royal College of Art (RCA). He also taught design and innovation on the MBA and Masters in Management programmes.

Before Imperial Bruce Tether spent a decade at the University of Manchester, rising from Research Fellow (at the ESRC Centre of Research on Innovation and Competition - CRIC) to Full Professor (with a joint appointment at Manchester Business School and CRIC). During this time he also became a Fellow of the UK's Advanced Institute of Management Research (AIM).

Prior to Manchester he was for two years a Research Fellow at the Centre for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises at Warwick University’s Business School, and before that an ESRC funded doctoral student at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex. He began his research career in 1990 as a Research Associate at the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS) at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, which is also his alma mater: he graduated with a first class bachelors degree in economic and social geography, and won the Anson memorial prize for the best dissertation.

Research Interests

My research concerns three inter-related themes:

1. Innovation and entrepreneurship through creativity and design, including imagination

2. The competitive dynamics of professional service firms, especially those oriented to design and creativity, such as architecture practices, design and engineering consultancies.

3. How firms make choices regarding their geographical locations for competitive advantage: this concerns strategies of place (i.e., which particular places to locate) and of space (i.e., how to distribute activities over space.

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