Dr Babis Theodoulidis

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Position: Senior Lecturer in Information Management
Academic unit: Management Sciences and Marketing


Dr Babis Theodoulidis is a Director of the Centre for Service Research at the University of Manchester and holds the position of Associate Professor at Manchester Business School. Previously, he was senior lecturer at the School of Informatics, UMIST and he has been a visiting fellow at the University of Surrey, UK and visiting professor at the Athens University of Business and Economics, Greece. He is also currently a member of the SRII Global Leadership Team (http://www.thesrii.org)

He is a member of the editorial board of Information Systems and e-Business Management Journal and previously of the Journal of Database Management. He has published extensively (over 150 refereed journal and conference articles) and his research work (as Principal or Co-Investigator) has received funding of over 4m from UK and European funding bodies over the last 12 years. During this time, he has successfully supervised 20 PhD theses and over 20 MPhil theses.

Main research areas: modelling, analysis and management of service systems. In particular, he investigates the design of service-based information systems, the temporal and spatial aspects of information, the analysis of information using data and text mining techniques (service analytics) with focus on customer analytics, the visualisation of information, and service information management issues within organisations such as information retention, audit and ownership. Over the recent years, he has investigated information management issues within financial markets and especially, the role of algorithmic trading and high frequency trading and their implications. He has also investigated information management issues within the context of marketing and especially, customer feedback management.

Research Interests

  • Service Analytics
  • Information Management
  • Business Intelligence (data/text mining)
  • Customer Analytics
  • Service Systems
  • IT Governance
  • Environmental Information Management
  • Social Network Analytics

For more information, please view the publications list and also the profile on the Social Science Research Network and LinkedIn.

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My office hours are posted outside my office door (MBS West 3.07)

Alternatively, email me to arrange an appointment.

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  • Theodoulidis, B., Diaz, D., Crotto, F., & Rancati, E. (2017). Exploring corporate social responsibility and financial performance through stakeholder theory in the tourism industries. Tourism Management. . Publication link: 10afa51c-2141-4bd2-b860-1f81a9563fab


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