Dr Carole Talbot

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Position: Lecturer in Public Policy and Management
Academic unit: People, Management and Organisations


Carole specialises in public management reform, in particular joined-up government, including integration and mergers, public sector performance policy and management, the role of Parliament in scrutiny, local economic development and local, regional and European governance. Carole has taught at two other UK universities before moving to MBS. She has interests in research methods for public policy and has worked for independent consultancy organisations.

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  • Talbot, C., & Talbot, C. (2014). Sir Humphrey and the Professors: What does Whitehall want from Academics? No publisher name.. Publication link: 4123efa9-d002-4b6a-ad3b-59b0b583b079


  • Talbot, C., & Talbot, C. R. (2013). Children's services: The impact of service integration in England. In Crossing Boundaries in Public Management and Policy: The International Experience|Crossing Boundaries in Public Management and Policy: The International Experience: The International Experience. (pp. 213-228). London: Taylor and Francis. DOI: 10.4324/9780203106907. Publication link: ea790d72-0256-46ab-b17e-0b76a82e83d6


  • Talbot, C., Talbot, C., Talbot, C. L., & Oyarce, C. M. (Ed.) (2011). Local Government Strategies in an Age of Austerity. In Redefining Local Government. (pp. 69-76). London: Public Policy and Management Association, CIPFA. . Publication link: 6dfb1eba-da22-41f6-a34d-60b94380d004




  • Talbot, C., & Johnson, C. (2007). Scrutinising for Health: health scrutiny evaluative research project. (Centre for Public Scrutiny). CFPS.. Publication link: 866b7efe-c0da-409d-b1f3-04983c0288b0
  • Talbot, C., & Talbot, C. (2007). Le Parliemnt Britannique et le Rendement: Un Outil ou un Defi?Revue Internationale des Sciences Administratives, 73(1). . Publication link: 89661a0c-30e6-4df0-93d4-9b2991a79e6d



  • Talbot, C., & Johnson, C. (2004). Is Devolution Creating Diversity in Education and Health? [report for the BBC 'Worlf This Weekend']. Nottingham Policy Papers No.1.. Publication link: a0d1a0b5-6027-4aea-b91b-f691e3eacf04


  • Talbot, C., Talbot, C., & Johnson, C. (2003). Budget Setting and Financial Scrutiny: experiences in devolved/regional governments - 'open, accessible and accountable to the people of Scotland' [report for the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee. (Scottish Parliament Finance Committee). No publisher name.. Publication link: 6a6d29a0-6939-4d4d-8c4a-d7eab34a17f0
  • Talbot, C., Johnson, C., & Osborne, S. P. (2003). Local strategic partnerships, neighbourhood renewal, and the limits to co-governance. Public Money and Management, 23(3), 147-154. . Publication link: 24ef09af-75f3-4553-9d0a-1aed11f27097