Ms Clair Gough

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Position: Research Fellow
Academic unit: Innovation, Management and Policy


Clair joined MSM in February 1999, working primarily on developing stakeholder driven scenarios for sustainability under an EU project (Visions). Since October 2000 she has been part of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research (the Northern regional centre of which is based at MACE) where her research has focused on integrated assessment of carbon dioxide capture and storage.

Research Interests

Since joining, Clair has been supporting the management of research programmes on carbon management, and reduction, and renewable and new energy technologies. She also undertakes research into participatory integrated assessment and modelling in the context of climate change.

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  • Panteli, M., Mancerella, P., Anderson, K., Calverley, D., Cotton, I., Dawson, R., ... Wood, R. (2015). Call for Evidence: Resilience of Electricity Infrastructure. (House of Lords Science and Technology Committee - The resilience of the electricity infrastructure). No publisher name.. Publication link: d0c8387d-c8cb-404a-b2e7-0be1bc12c3c3



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  • Gough, C., & Upham, P. (2010). Biomass energy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS): a review. (Working Paper147). The Tyndall Centre, University of Manchester.: No publisher name.. Publication link: 05e8d248-79c5-4fcb-834e-85a268b05190



  • Gough, C., Palmer, J., Haszeldine, S., & Mander, S. (2007). The UKERC/UKCCSC carbon capture and storage roadmap. (The UKERC/UKCCSC carbon capture and storage roadmap). No publisher name.. Publication link: a47ac323-4bc6-4664-ad14-49d0f5aff2c2



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  • Gough, C., & Shackley, S. (2002). Evaluating the Options for Carbon Sequestration. (Tyndall Centre Report). No publisher name.. Publication link: 9a95aea8-f63e-46f8-82bd-241882038235



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