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Position: Professor of Accounting
Academic unit: Accounting and Finance


Christopher Humphrey is a Professor of Accounting and a former Head of the Manchester Accounting & Finance Group (MAFG). He is a qualified chartered accountant and is currently a co-opted academic member of the governing Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). He also sits on the ICAEW's Technical Strategy Board and the Management Committee of the European Accounting Association (EAA). In 2009, he was appointed as a director of the ICAEW's Charitable Trusts and is currently the Chair of the Conference of Professors of Accounting and Finance (CPAF).

His current principal research interests are in the areas of international financial regulation and auditing practice and is always willing to consider the supervision of doctoral students with keen interests in such research areas. He is jointly writing the official history of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and working on a number of joint research projects examining, among other things, the limitation of auditor liability in the European Union, auditing and the global financial crisis, international standardisation in auditing and the development of consolidated ('whole of') government accounting systems.
Christopher began his academic career at Manchester University in 1983 and worked subsequently at Leeds University Business School prior to becoming a professor of accounting at Sheffield University Management School in 1995. He returned to Manchester in 2001, serving as head of both the former Manchester School of Accounting and Finance (MSAF) (2001-04) and (following the merger of the Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST) the enlarged Accounting and Finance Group within Manchester Business School (2004-06). Christopher has had a number of international visiting academic positions. In 2006, he was the inaugural Don Trow Research Fellow at the School of Accounting and Commercial Law, Victoria University of Wellington, while in 2007 he was a visiting professorial fellow at the Faculty of Commerce, Doshisha University, Japan. He is currently a visiting professor at Amsterdam Business School.

Christopher is an Associate Editor of the European Accounting Review and is also on the editorial board of various international accounting journals including: Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal; British Accounting Review; Contemporary Accounting Research; Financial Accountability and Management; International Journal of Auditing; Accounting, Accountability and Performance; Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management (QRAM), Qualitative Research in Financial Markets; Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal (QROM), Journal of Contemporary Accounting & Organisational Change, and Revista de Contabilidad.

Additional Information

Christopher has taught on a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate accounting courses, with his current main lecturing specialisms being in the areas of auditing and international accounting regulation. He has also made regular contributions to public sector executive management programmes and to doctoral research training courses. Christopher's doctoral supervision responsibilities include successfully completed theses on the role of women in the British and Japanese accounting professions, and auditing in Kuwait and Spain.

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