Dr Christine Mclean

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Position: Lecturer in Social Studies of Technology and Organising
Academic unit: People, Management and Organisations


Chris McLean came to UMIST to study for a BSc in Management in 1989 and on completion of her degree she commenced a PhD. Through an ethnographic style of investigation she explored the complex sets of relations and organizing practices underlying mental health care. In 1996 she joined the staff of Manchester School of Management at UMIST. She is currently a member of CRESC and a Programme Director for the MIT degree.

Research Interests

Chris's main teaching areas include social studies of technology and organising, research methodology, and actor network theory. These overlap with her research work in which she has a keen interest in the ways in which we understand the role of objects with respect to the organising process and the process of visualisation. She has been involved in a variety of empirical research projects using an ethnographic style of investigation and she is currently involved in a project exploring the role of visual management in the newspaper printing industry. In particular this involves exploring the processes and performances by which objects are repeated into action through various sets of practices and relations. Furthermore, this calls into question how we examine notions of objects, practices, multiplicity, alterity, stability and change.

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