Dr Chris Westrup

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Position: Senior Lecturer
Academic unit: People, Management and Organisations


My recent research has focused on three areas: the digitisation and reorganization of large companies, emerging markets, development and information and communication technologies; and the managing of religious minorities at work. I am currently researching issues of health and development in Nepal and India and in on issues of transition - looking at the transition towns movement - with an emphasis on how health care might be managed.

Since 2009 I have been chair of the international IFIP9.4 group on ICTs and Development. The website for latest information can be accessed http://www.ifipwg94.org/.

I am a member of the Organisation and Society Group in the School; the Centre for Development Informatics within the University of Manchester and the Fairness at Work research group..


In 2012-2013 I am on sabbatical

My room is D27 MBS East and I have no office hours at the moment. Please email for an appointment.

Research Projects

My most recent funded research project has looked at the role of Islamic staff in large organisation and their use of technologies to regulate their prayer patterns. This was completed in July 2011 and was funded by a small grant from the Fairness at Work Programmed (£800 (with Heba El-Sayed and Anita Greenhill). My previous funded research project was entitled 'Adopting Web 2.0 collaborative technologies in business: The implications for Management accountants' funded by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) (£36.5k) (with Heba El-Sayed) which ran between January 2009 and June 2010. The focus on this study was the transformative/disruptive effects attributed to Web2.0 and how management accountants in three large companies in the UK act, react and reassess their expertise.

Recent funded research projects include

2007-2008 Women in Shared Services in North West England funded by European Social Fund (£154k) (with Debra Howcroft (joint PI) and Susanne Langer).

2003-2006 The role of ICT based practices in business knowledge processes, part of the ESRC Evolution of Business Knowledge Programme (£86k) PI (with Theo Vurdubakis (Lancaster), Damian O'Doherty (MBS) and Hannah Knox (CRESC, Manchester).

Current PhD Supervision

Fani Dima (2010 -) On technologies, development and social enterprise (with Richard Duncombe)

Research Interests

My research interests include: Digital innovation and the reorganizing service work; enterprise systems in developed and developing countries; the role of the state in ICT enabled development; new technologies, development and emerging markets; digital technologies and sustainability.

Additional Information

I teach a 30 credit 3rd year undergraduate course entitled Business Information Systems Project for BA ABIS students; a 10 credit 2nd year undergraduate course 'Accounting and Information Systems Development' also for BA ABIS students; and a Msc 15 credit course 'Digital Technologies, Development and Emerging Markets'. I supervise MSc dissertations mainly from the MSc Information Systems, Organisations and Management programme.

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