Ms Deborah Cox

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Position: Research Fellow
Academic unit: Innovation, Management and Policy


Deborah studied social sciences at degree level and has a Masters degree in Information Management from Sheffield University. She is also a qualified teacher and has a teaching degree in Adult, Further and Higher Education from Manchester Metropolitan University. She has been working in the field of STI policy research for over 20 years at Manchester and has experience of leading and managing successful transnational research projects. Deborah has co-authored a range of publications in the field of STI policy including books, journal articles, OECD briefings and research reports.

Research Interests

Deborah’s research interests lie in public sector research systems and the socio-economic impacts of research. She has expertise in evaluation and the IT industry, including human resource dimensions and mobility.

Most recently Deborah has been involved as the assignment manager for the RINDICATE consortium on a successful EC sponsored study of the inhibiting factors of researcher mobility. Previous project work includes research undertaken for an annual digest of industrial trends for IPTS, DG JRC of the European Commission. Recent significant project work includes a study on the growth of the environmental technologies sector in Merseyside; research exploring the Support for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Innovation Programmes for the European Commission, DG Enterprise and a short study on the Characteristics of Supportive Environment for R&D activities by Tenure Tracks and Tenures, at UK Universities and Research Institutes, for the Japan Research Institute.

Her current role at The University of Manchester also requires the coordination and administration of a portfolio of research projects. Her practical experience includes project management of the Eurolabs project – a comparative analysis of public, private and semi-private research centres in Europe. This project involved 10 European partners and responsibilities included coordinating the outputs from all partners, dealing with contractual issues and monitoring expenditure. This involved daily interaction with internal and external colleagues on the project.

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