Dr Dimitri Gagliardi

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Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Academic unit: Innovation, Management and Policy


Dr Dimitri Gagliardi is a Research Fellow at the Manchester Business School. He has been involved in academic positions since 1996 as teaching assistant for economic analysis and political economy, and since 1998 Dr Gagliardi has actively been engaged in economic analysis and applied research.

After completing his PhD in Economics and Institutions, Dr Gagliardi worked as lecturer - Economics of Industry at Leeds University Business School and collaborated with ESRC-CRIC and PREST as Research Assistant on various projects.

He was awarded a one-year fellowship at the Manchester Business School in 2005. Dr Gagliardi is now a Research Fellow at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research.

His interests gravitate around Innovation - the Economics, Management and Innovation Policy - especially new forms of Innovation, Innovation in research and technology - intensive sectors (Science, Technology, Medicine, Pharmaceuticsls, and ICT etc), entrepreneurship and SMEs.

Research Interests

Dr Gagliardi is interested in innovation studies and policy.

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  • Gagliardi, D., Schina, L., Sarcinella, M. L., Mangialardi, G., Niglia, F., & Corallo, A. (2016). Information and Communication Technologies and Public Participation: interactive maps and value added for citizens. Government Information Quarterly. . Publication link: a2b2a4cc-5efe-4955-a77c-0fbb825081ce



  • Gagliardi, D., Cox, D., & Li, Y. (2014). What are the factors driving and hindering the adoption of open science? An exploratory study. (Manchester Institute of Innovation Research Working Papers; No. 76). Manchester.. Publication link: 9fe4bae2-66e8-4f3b-b545-053c3d4059a5
  • Dello Russo, C., Lisi, L., Fabbiani, M., Gagliardi, D., Fanti, I., Di Gianbenedetto, S., ... Navarra, P. (2014). Detection of HL A-B*57: 01 by real-time PCR: implementation into routine clinical practice and additional validation data. Pharmacogenomics, 319-327. DOI: 10.2217/pgs.13.242. Publication link: d3c26a21-986b-4ad8-9230-735fab358293
  • Muller, P., Gagliardi, D., Caliandro, C., Bohn, N. U., Klitou, D., Zakai, H. (Ed.), ... Mattes, A. (Ed.) (2014). A partial and fragile recovery - Annual Report on European SMEs 2013/2014. (SME Performance Review 2013/2014). European Commission: European Commission, Directorate‐General for Enterprise and Industry.. Publication link: a86fb437-34b6-4661-963f-9d6732aec6a9


  • Austin, T., Bullough, C., Gagliardi, D., Leal, D., & Loveday, M. (2013). Prenormative Research into Standard Messaging Formats for Engineering Materials Data. The International Journal of Digital Curation, 8(1), 5-13. . Publication link: 0c6a21fa-0adc-4048-93aa-f96da125a39f
  • Gagliardi, D., Author, M., Muller, P., Glossop, E., Caliandro, C., Fritsch, M., ... Ramlogan, R. (2013). ANNUAL REPORT ON EUROPEAN SMEs 2012/2013: A recovery on the Horizon? (SME Performance Review). Brussels: European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry.. Publication link: 09ff8853-d4c0-429e-89d0-0b624b1bdee8


  • Gagliardi, D., Francesco, N., Dimitri, G., Cinzia, B., Marco, M. D. (Ed.), Te’eni, D. (Ed.), ... Za, S. (Ed.) (2012). Exploring the impact of innovation policies in economic environments with self-regulating agents in multi-level complex systems. In Information Systems: Crossroads for Organization, Management, Accounting and Engineering. (n/a ed., Vol. n/a, pp. n/a-n/a). Italy/Germany: Springer Verlag. . Publication link: 11b4a05a-6466-4357-8e10-b61a170022af
  • Metcalfe, S., De Liso, N., Gagliardi, D., & Ramlogan, R. (2012). Innovation Systems, Innovation Ecologies: Innovation Policy and The World of Restless Capitalism. (OPENLOC Working Paper Series, University of Trento; No. 3/12). Italy.. Publication link: aaa2c2eb-a068-44aa-b9ea-b60ffa5022d0


  • Martovoy, A., & Gagliardi, D. (2011). Macroeconomic and taxation conditions of national innovation system of Ukraine. (OPENLOC Working Paper series; No. 11/2011). Trento, Italy.. Publication link: 06c8254a-116e-454b-97a9-f56344656eeb
  • Gagliardi, D. (Ed.) (2011). Next Generation Entrepreneur: How Web 2.0 Technologies Creep into SMEs. In D. Gagliardi (Ed.), eChallenges 2011. http://www.echallenges.org/e2011/outbox/eChallenges_ref_121_doc_7328.pdf: eChallenges e-2011 Conference Proceedings Paul Cunningham and Miriam Cunningham (Eds) IIMC International Information Management Corporation, 2011 ISBN: 978-1-905824-27-4. . Publication link: 314e4018-e217-4efc-92af-5e2a67daaa57


  • Austin, T., Bullough, D., Gagliardi, D., Leal, D., Loveday, M., & Committee for Standardisation (CEN - CENELEC) (2010). A Guide to the Development and Use of Standards-Compliant Data Formats for Engineering Materials Test Data. (Workshop agreement: Economics and Logistics of Standards-Compliant Schemas for Interoperability of Engineering Materials Data (ELSSI)). http://www.cen.eu/cen/Sectors/Sectors/ISSS/Activity/Pages/WS-ELSSI.aspx: European Committee for Standardisation (CEN - CENELEC).. Publication link: 5bd9f500-1540-430b-aa3f-ee5e041f5eed



  • Malik, K., Gagliardi, D., & Cunningham, P. N. (2007). Annual Policy Trends and Appraisal Report for UK (Country Report for the European Pro Inno Trend Chart on Innovation). (European Commission (DG Enterprise)). No publisher name.. Publication link: ba49fb69-d496-45b2-bd34-9bd81ed03d1f


  • Howells, J., Gagliardi, D., & Malik, K. (2006). The management of R&D outsourcing: the case of the pharmaceutical industry. In Challenges and Opportunities in R&D Management – The R&D Management Conference (Lake Windermere, UK).. Publication link: 21c5066c-20bb-48ee-9199-2edbcec3dc6c
  • Butler, J., Cox, D., Gagliardi, D., Howells, J., & Nugroho, Y. (2006). Monitoring Industrial Research : The Annual Digest of Industrial R&D (First issue). (European Commission). European Commission DG Research and DG JRC.. Publication link: 75da3051-94f9-4292-b85e-24db33df6fe4


  • Tether, B., Mina, A., Consoli, D., & Gagliardi, D. (2005). A Literature Review on Skills and Innovation. How Does Successful Innovation Impact on the Demand of Skills and How Do Skills Drive Innovation (Sept 2005). (Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)). DTI.. Publication link: 311974e4-9a49-4f36-8924-0559a5b74b87