Professor Dean Paxson

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Position: Professor of Finance
Academic unit: Accounting and Finance


Dean Paxson teaches international corporate finance, banking and financial markets. His research interests include financial theory, futures, finance, financial options and real options. Publications include articles on stochastic volatility, real options and capital adequacy modeling.

Research Interests

Banking; Capital Markets; Finance; Financial Accounting; Futures; Insurance; International Financial Markets; Investment Decisions; Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers; Options, Real and Financial; Statistical Techniques

Additional Information

Corporate Finance; Financial Engineering; International Financial Markets; Financial Derivatives

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Working papers

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  • Adkins, R., & Paxson, D. (2016). Replacement decisions with multiple stochastic values and depreciation. European Journal of Operational Research. . Publication link: 8d93e6be-8cb2-4c1c-8dbe-342f8786649b



  • Azevedo, A., & Paxson, D. (2012). Rivalry with Market and Technical Uncertainty in the Adoption of New Technology. In host publication.. Publication link: 7a30be27-c5df-4253-bd2b-1a64ba431026


  • Lin, B-H., Paxson, D., & Wang, J-Y. (2011). Measuring Systematic Risk using Implied Beta in Option Prices. In host publication.. Publication link: 61d44ce8-7f87-4c6d-9b58-d6d2adfeff09
  • Azevedo, A., & Paxson, D. (2011). Uncertainty and Competition in the Adoption of Complimentary Technologies. In host publication.. Publication link: 8f2728ff-38d2-4e8e-9a06-84d736bec30f





  • Paxson, D., Kanak, P., & Sing, T. F. (2005). A Review of the Practical Uses of Real Property Options. (RICS Research paper series). RICS.. Publication link: 1b220700-30be-40fb-bb30-5552947011ce


  • Paxson, D., & Helena, P. (2003). Leader/Follower Real Value Functions if Market Share Follows a Birth/Death Process. In host publication. Butterworth-Heinemann. . Publication link: 38cee6fb-3bfe-4720-9195-f40a910c3afe



  • Howell, S., Stark, A., Newton, D., Paxson, D., Cavus, M., Azevedo-Pereira, J. A., & Patel, K. (2001). Real Options - Evaluating Corporate Investment Opportunities in a Dynamic World. Financial Times Prentice Hall.. Publication link: ac4474d8-ff2d-4c14-9f7e-fb286161bb5c
  • Lee, J., & Paxson, D. A. (2001). Valuation of R&D real American sequential exchange options. R and D Management, 31(2), 191-201. . Publication link: bf90b8d2-6ccb-446a-bc82-603101068901
  • Brach, M. A., & Paxson, D. A. (2001). A gene to drug venture: Poisson options analysis. R and D Management, 31(2), 203-213. . Publication link: d99cef88-0244-4b60-ab89-74cea8dd2f2e
  • Paxson, D., & Kanak, P. (2001). Real Urban Development Options at Canary Wharf. In host publication. Financial Times Prentice Hall. . Publication link: 29de44b6-0d7d-4c72-99f1-1a59ad39123b


  • Howell, S., Stark, A., Newton, D. P., Paxson, D., & Cavus, M. (2000). Real Options - An Introduction for Executives. Prentice Hall.. Publication link: d3ea39db-f2de-49d8-8922-94201d9b316c



  • Paxson, D., Douglas, W., Cooper, C. L., & Argyris, C. (1998). The Concise Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Management. Blackwell Publishers: Oxford.. Publication link: 8adb07c7-c190-44e3-94e7-7409149aa6a7
  • Paxson, D., & Kanak, P. (1998). Real options based approach to valuation of property development and investment. Unknown Journal, February. . Publication link: 5eec6e60-4755-49cf-af9e-c58d37ef1526


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  • Paxson, D., Johnsen, T., & Rizzuto, R. (1996). Are Petroleum Present Value Estimates a Triumph of Economics over Accounting?Unknown Journal, 23. . Publication link: 7714b4fa-b7d7-44ff-a018-a522f0478899