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Position: Lecturer in Financialisation & Business


Dr Daniel Tischer is a Lecturer in Political Economy and Organisation Studies at the University of Manchester where he wrote his PhD on ‘The Embeddedness of Ethical Banking in the UK’. He has been a fellow at the Social Science Center in Berlin conducting a comparative study on cooperative banking networks in the UK and Germany and has been a Research Officer at the Centre for Mutual and Employee-owned Business at the University of Oxford.

His research interests evolve around the study of (global) finance and banking from a critical perspective, including ethical banking, retail banking studies and a wider engagement with the mutual and cooperative banking sectors.

Methodological interests include the application of social network analysis in collaborative settings across the humanities.

Daniel is currently focusing on social network studies of financial derivatives which is part of a joing project with Adam Leaver.

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  • Tischer, D., & Hoffmire, J. (2017). Moving Toward 100% Employee Ownership through ESOPs: Added Complexities in Add-on Transactions. In . J. Michie, . C. Borzaga, & . J. R. Blasi (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Mutual and Co-Owned Business . (pp. Chapter 20). Oxford University Press. . Publication link: 73ebb2f5-c0eb-45ea-9058-73bc9ae72663


  • Tischer, D., Remer, S., & Lehner, O. (Ed.) (2016). Growing Social Banking Through (Business) Associations. In Routledge Handbook of Social and Sustainable Finance.. Publication link: 97cc6aff-16c2-4e59-b66c-54c17faaf6e8
  • Tischer, D., & Yeoman, R. (2016). Reframing Building Societies and Mutual Insurers: Collaboration as a source of competitive advantage. University of Oxford.. Publication link: 3b9311f4-e21f-41b5-9f8c-c21090399785


  • Yeoman, R., & Tischer, D. (2015). Reframing building societies and mutual insurers - collaboration as a source of competitive advantage: A summary report. No publisher name.. Publication link: 85dbe29c-260b-4102-9f6e-8d45d52e2450
  • Tischer, D., Packman, C., & Montgomerie, J. (2015). Gaining Interest: A New Deal for Sustained Credit Union Expansion in the UK. London: Goldsmiths University.. Publication link: 1a6a0d57-3fa4-4857-ad15-40603fe18cc3