Prof Elaine Ferneley

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Position: Director, MBA Programmes


Elaine is the MBA & MPA Director at Manchester Business School. Her research interests lie in the area of technological innovation and change. She is a member of the EPSRC Advisory Board for the UK Digital Economy.

Research Interests

Prof Ferneley's research interests focus on the socio-technical implications of advanced ICT utilization within the areas of social network technologies, mobile computing, collaborative working, information systems design and knowledge management. To date she has graduated 9 PhD students in these areas. Her consultancy work focuses on how ICTs such as social networking technologies and mobile technologies shape and are shaped by working practices in knowledge intensive organizations within the domains of the emergency services, energy and chemical companies and the construction industry. Her contribution to the transfer of academic research into industry has been recognized by the UK Government as, in 2006 Professor Ferneley was invited to join the UK Governments EPSRC Research Councils Advisory Board.

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  • Ferneley, E. H., & Clarke, S. (Ed.) (2009). Covert end user development: A study of success. In Evolutionary Concepts in End User Productivity and Performance: Applications for Organizational Progress. Information Science. . Publication link: 6168d173-97f0-429a-a1b6-8c28375f3c93
  • Venters, W., & Ferneley, E. (2009). To codify or collaborate - Introduction to the special issue on knowledge management and e-research technologies. Knowledge Management Research and Practice, 7(3), 192-195. DOI: 10.1057/kmrp.2009.20. Publication link: 50754f1d-4ef3-4f3d-a9a9-352389a5c9b3
  • Ferneley, E., Heinze, A., & Child, P. (2009). Research 2.0: Improving participation in online research communities. In 17th European Conference on Information Systems, ECIS 2009|Eur. Conf. Inf. Syst., ECIS.. Publication link: d8b805d7-3a7a-414e-9d2f-2e6fe5729ec3



  • Ferneley, E. H., Mcmaster, T. (Ed.), Wastell, D. (Ed.), & De Gross, J. (Ed.) (2007). Organisational dynamics of technology-based innovation: Diversifying the research agenda. Springer Verla.. Publication link: fdf38ccd-0dc7-4b1a-94e0-44d062cfced8


  • Mahmood, A. K., & Ferneley, E. (2006). Embodied agents in E-learning environments: An exploratory case study. Journal of Interactive Learning Research, 17(2), 143-162. . Publication link: c660473b-c09b-42e4-a105-f2050d069531