Dr Faith Hatani

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Position: Lecturer in International Business
Academic unit: People, Management and Organisations


Dr Faith Hatani is a Lecturer in International Business at Manchester Business School. Previously she held positions as an Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Cardiff Business School, and a Lecturer in Strategy at the University of Surrey.

Faith holds an MSc in Development Studies (University of London, SOAS) and a PhD in Land Economy (University of Cambridge), for which she obtained the Joint Japan-World Bank Graduate Scholarship.

Prior to beginning her academic career, she worked in the global logistics sector for more than eight years. Her last position in the industry was as the Japanese Representative of the Singapore Branch of Hapag-Lloyd, a German shipping company.

She is interested in public-private interactions in achieving development goals, focusing on large multinational firms' global value chains, their impact on less developed countries, and technology transfer through foreign direct investment (FDI) especially in infrastructure.

Research Interests

Research Interests:

• The role of international business in development
• Foreign direct investment (FDI) and technology transfer
• Public-private interactions in infrastructure development (e.g., ports, rail, water, and health services)
• Ethical issues in corporate strategy
• Global value chains of multinational enterprises (MNEs), and their operations in emerging/developing countries

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