Dr Fahian Huq

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Position: Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management
Academic unit: Management Sciences and Marketing


Dr. Fahian Huq is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Operations and Supply Chain Management at Manchester Business School. Prior to this he undertook a PhD in Management Science after being awarded the Lancaster University Management School Doctoral Studentship. Fahian also completed a Master of Science in Supply Chain and Operations Management from Nottingham University Business School funded by the Developing Solutions Scholarship. Fahian's work has been published in leading management journals, including the International Journal of Operations and Production Management's special issue on Sustainable Operations Management. He is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA), recipient of the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) Supporting Learning Award and a member of European Operations Management Association (EurOMA).

Fahian has extensive experience of working in the manufacturing and service sectors of Bangladesh. He is the co-founder and past CEO of Everbest, the pioneer ladder manufacturing company in Bangladesh and Talents-in-Tandem, a business process outsourcing services solutions provider.

Research Interests

Fahian's main research interests lie in sustainable supply chain management, risk in supply chains, supply chain configuration, service operations and innovative operations management practices in emerging economies.

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  • Huq, F., Chowdhury, I., & Klassen, R. D. (2016). Social Management Capabilities of Multinational Buying Firms and their Emerging Market Suppliers: An Exploratory Study of the Clothing Industry. Journal of Operations Management. DOI: 10.1016/j.jom.2016.07.005. Publication link: 1d7470e6-e958-48c6-9011-9ced94c53531


  • Huq, F., Pawar, K., & Rogers, H. (2015). Impact of Disturbance Factors on Supply Chain Configuration Strategy: Insights from the Pharmaceutical Industry. In host publication.. Publication link: a62c08bd-e7cb-4b99-bb3a-c0d51bc06b59
  • Huq, F. A., Pawar, K., Subramanian, N., & Chowdhury, I. N. (2015). Supply Chain Disturbances Assessment Model: Insights from High Value Engineering Supply Chain Sourcing Decisions. In host publication. EurOMA. . Publication link: ee755c3d-7b05-4fa0-bb8e-2c938af93c06


  • Huq, F. A., Stevenson, M., & Zorzini, M. (2014). Social sustainability in developing country suppliers: An exploratory study in the ready made garments industry of Bangladesh. International Journal of Operations and Production Management , 34(5), 610-638. DOI: 10.1108/IJOPM-10-2012-0467. Publication link: 0939007d-188a-4b68-85ee-2da7707ebce4
  • Huq, F., Stevenson, M., & Zorzini, M. (2014). Implementing Social Sustainability in the Bangladeshi Apparel Industry: Isomorphism, Diffusion, Decoupling and Change in Institutional Logics due to Environmental Shocks. In host publication. EurOMA. . Publication link: c288a22e-3f69-4009-bc30-69d2242d2923


  • Huq, F., Stevenson, M., Zorzini, M., & Hendry, L. (2013). Social Sustainability in the Apparel Supply Chain: An Institutional Theory perspective. In host publication. EurOMA. . Publication link: 911243c5-a271-4fb7-9a86-42dff03ad16e