Dr George Jiaguo Wang

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Position: Lecturer in Finance
Academic unit: Accounting and Finance


Dr. Wang is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Alliance Manchester Business School, and currently a Visiting Research Professor at New York University Stern School of Business. He received his Ph.D in Finance from the University of Melbourne. During his PhD, he was also a visiting scholar at NYU Stern. Previously, he received a Master degree in Finance with Distinction from Durham University, and double Bachelor degrees in Economics and Business Administration from Jilin University, China.

George's research interest is in the area of empirical asset pricing and investments with a particular focus on mutual funds, factor investing and hedge funds. His work has been published at leading international conferences and academic journals. He also acted as ad-hoc referees for several major journals in the filed. He currently supervises DBA, PhD and Master students in fund management, momentum and growth investing.

George's research can be accessed and downloaded through SSRN. His work has been cited in Yahoo Finance, ETF.COM, ValueWalk, and popular practioners' websites, such as Quantpedia, AlphaArchitech.

Before joining AMBS, Dr Wang was a practitioner at Origo Partners PLC's Beijing office on cross-border and domestic private equity investment and Societe Generale Asset management Fund Management's Shanghai office on domestic investment. He sits in the board of a largest carbon finance and clean technology company and a boutique investment management firm in China.

Research Interests

Current Research

  • “Starting on the Wrong Foot: Seasonality in Mutual Fund Performance”, with Stephen Brown (NYU Stern), Juan Sotes-Paladino (Melbourne) and Chelsea Yao (Lancaster); 24th Conference on the Theories and Practices of Securities and Financial Markets Conference, Best Paper Award (received&deferred); Financial Management Association 2016 Annual Meeting Paper, USA, Best Paper Award in Investments-Semi-Finalist; Asia Finance Association 2016 Annual Meeting Paper; Currently Revise and Resubmit;
  • “The Trend is Your Friend: Time-Series Momentum Strategies across Equity and Commodity Markets ” with Athina Georgopoulou (SEI Investments); 2016, fortchcoming, Review of Finance
  • “Are Active Managers a Drag on Investor Wealth? Evidence from an Option-Based Estimation” with Spencer Martin (Melborune), various leading conference programs, Currently Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Financial Economics
  • "The Value of Growth: changes in profitability and Future Stock Returns", with Juan Sotes-Paladino (Melbourne) and Chelsea Yao (Lancaster); 29th Australiasian Finance and Banking Conference paper; FIRN 2016 Annual Meeting paper; 11th Conference on Asia-Pacific Financial Markets paper; Currently Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Quantitative and Financial Analysis;
  • “The Enduring Effect of Time-Series Momentum on Stock Returns over nearly 100-Years" with Ian D'Souza (NYU Stern), Chelsea Yao (Lancaster) and Voraphat Srichanachaichok (Bankok Bank); FMA 2016 Annual Meeting, Best Paper Award in Investments - Semi-Finalist; Asia Finance Association 2016 Annual Meeting Paper; 29th Australiasian Finance and Banking Conference paper; Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Banking and Finance;

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Dr Wang currently teaches Investment Analysis, Applied Investment Management and PhD Thesis Workshop on Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds and Performance Evaluation. He also teaches Hedge Fund Strategies classes in Shanghai, Lancaster and Manchester.

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  • D'Souza, I., Wang, G., & Srichanachaichok, V. (2016). The Enduring Effect of Time-Series Momentum on Stock Returns over nearly 100-Years. Financial Management Association International.. Publication link: 33f0f5df-cf0c-4e77-a452-009520e99d6c
  • Brown, S. J., Sotes-Paladino, J., Yao, C., & Wang, G. (2016). Starting on the Wrong Foot: Seasonality in Mutual Fund Performance. Paper presented at Asian FA Annual Meeting , Bangkok, Thailand.. Publication link: 28be9cba-728f-47f4-8988-803619fd5eb7