Mr Hugh Cameron

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Position: Senior Lecturer
Academic unit: Innovation, Management and Policy


After training in civil engineering, Hugh Cameron took a degree in economics before working in the automotive manufacturing sector. He returned to economics postgraduate work in Manchester, then joined PREST to work in the marine technology policy field. Subsequently, his main research has been in the evaluation of R&D programmes, and in the economics of technological change. He is also is involved in teaching economics and research methods, and more generally in the management of PREST's MSc.and Doctoral Programmes. He has published widely in a variety of international journals and contributed to reports for the Office of Science and Technology and the European Commission.

Research Interests

The evaluation of R&D programmes, and in the economics of technological change

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Economics and research methods

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Authored book

  • Cameron, H. Strategic Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights in the Context of Science and Technology Policy. European Commission Publication, 1999. eScholarID:4b2052
  • Cameron, H. IPR Handling in Collaborative RTD. European Commission Publication, 1997. eScholarID:4b2051

Book contribution

  • Malik, K., Georghiou, L., Cameron, H. "Behavioural Additionality of the UK SMART and LINK Schemes." In Government R&D Funding and Company Behaviour: Measuring Behavioural Additionality, 205-218. Paris: OECD, 2007. eScholarID:3b5196
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  • Barker, K E., Georghiou, L., Cameron, H. "United Kingdom Public Policies and Collaboration in Research and Development." In European Collaboration in Research and Development: Business Strategy and Public Policy, ed. Y. Caloghirou, N. S. Vonortas and S. Ioannides, 186-209.Edward Elgar, 2004. eScholarID:3b4739
  • Cameron, H., Georghiou L. "A Combined Questionnaire and Interview Approach to Assess the Impacts of the Alvey Programme." 345-356. Paris: Economica International, 1997. eScholarID:3b4364
  • Cameron, H., Georghiou L. "Managerial Performance: the process evaluation." 227-239. Paris: Economica International, 1997. eScholarID:3b4354
  • Cameron, H. "Evolving Systems of Intellectual Property Rights: Collaborative R&D as a Generator of new IP structure." 173-195.Kluwer Publishing, eScholarID:3b4363

Journal article

  • Cameron, H. "Knowledge Dissemination, Collaboration between Agents, and Intellectual Property. New Evidence for Science and Technology Policy." TOME LII, No.2(1999) : 237-266. eScholarID:1b7804
  • Nedeva, M N., Cameron, H., Georghiou L. "The Use of Co-nomination to Identify Expert Participants for Technology Foresight." 26(1996) : 155-168. eScholarID:1b7805
  • Cameron, H., Georghiou L. "Interdisciplinarity in the Cognitive Science/HCI Initiative." 3(1995) : 95-105. eScholarID:1b7822
  • Cameron, H., Georghiou L. "What Difference Does it Make? Additionality in the Public Support of R&D in Large Firms." International Journal of Technology Management 1995 10, no. 4/5/6(1995) : 587-600. eScholarID:1b7821

Conference contribution

  • Hugh Cameron. 2015. How long should things last? Implications of product durability. In R&D Management Conference24 June 2015 - 26 June 2015. Istituto di Management, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy. eScholarID:290662
  • Hugh Cameron. 2013. A Model of Market Dynamics. In International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship . Singapore: TBA. eScholarID:258196
  • Cameron, H. 2005. European Research Evaluation Network Conference: evaluation connecting research and innovation. 17 November 2005. eScholarID:2b2617
  • Georghiou, L., Cameron, H. 2001. University-Industry Links - What a Vice-Chancellor Needs to Know About Intellectual Property. In Association of Commonwealth Universities Conference of Executive Heads. eScholarID:2b2687
  • Miles, I D., Cameron, H., Butler J. 2000. Grasping the Nettle: a research programme on the measurement and valuation of intangible assets. eScholarID:2b2222


  • Jakob Edler, Hugh Cameron and Mohammad Hajhashem. 2015. THE INTERSECTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS AND INNOVATION POLICY MAKING – A LITERATURE REVIEW. Geneva: World Intellectual Property Organisation. eScholarID:290648
  • Georghiou, L., Keenan, M P., Miles, I D., Cameron, H. 2006. An Evaluation of the UK Foresight Programme: Final Report. eScholarID:5b640
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  • Cameron, H., Howells, J., Malik, K., Rigby, J. 2003. Wealth Creation by the Science, Engineering and Technology Base in the UK: a review, A Report for Royal Academy of Engineering. eScholarID:5b510
  • Cameron, H., Rigby, J., Georghiou L. 2002. Assessing the Socio-economic Impacts of the Framework Programme with Contributions from AUEB, BETA, ISI, Joanneum Research, IE HAS, and Wise Guys Limited. eScholarID:5b578
  • Nedeva, M N., Georghiou, L., Cameron, H., Barker, K E. 2002. Connectivity: essence, scope and indicators. EPSRC. eScholarID:5b680
  • Adams, J, Holzer, W, Kaiser, L, Lehtinen, M, Ullrich, H, Van Helleputte, J, van Grevenstein, PVU, Vonortas, N, Cameron, H., Callan, B, Casucci, G, Cordsen, P, Deberdt, D, Foray, D, Granstand, O, Hanneman, H. 2002. Expert Group Report on Role and Strategic use of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) in International Research Collaborations: Final Report. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. eScholarID:5b466
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  • Cameron, H. 1998. Transfer and Civil Use of Defence-Related Technologies and Diversification of Defence-Related SMEs. European Commission Publication. eScholarID:5b407
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