Professor Ian Garrett

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Position: Professor of Finance
Academic unit: Accounting and Finance


Ian is Director of Research for the Manchester Accounting and Finance Group.

Research Interests

Ian's research interests include: asset pricing; dividend policy; futures markets; behaviour of stock returns

Additional Information

Undergraduate: International Finance; Empirical Finance

Postgraduate: Corporate Finance (Executive MBA)

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Working papers

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  • Garrett, I., Charalambakis, E., & Espenlaub, S. (2099). On the prediction of financial distress for UK firms: Does the choice of accounting and market information matter?. Publication link: 5c1eb679-823c-4625-8a6b-7f4cc6dbdcaf
  • Garrett, I., Charalambakis, E., & Espenlaub, S. (2099). On the impact of financial distress on capital structure: Thye role of leverage dynamics.. Publication link: cd2c4305-c161-4434-9d94-5f08b7319272


  • Charalambakis, E., & Garrett, I. (2015). On the prediction of financial distress in developed and emerging markets: Does the choice of accounting and market information matter? A comparison of UK and Indian Firms. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting. DOI: 10.1007/s11156-014-0492-y. Publication link: 2a1c1f62-9984-467c-b37f-cc3707fefce4








  • Garrett, I., & Taylor, N. (2001). Intraday and Interday Basis Dynamics: evidence from the FTSE 100 Index futures market. Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, 5(2), 133-152. . Publication link: 958fd7c5-64a3-4e6d-82c2-92b68c7bbc3a


  • Garrett, I., & Priestley, R. (2000). Dividend Behaviour and Dividend Signalling. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 35, 2. . Publication link: 1dc50295-94da-4e7b-bd15-ccc3e244937b


  • Garrett, I., Brooks, C., & Hinich, M. (1999). An Alternative Approach to Investigating Lead-lag Relationships Between Stock Index and Stock Index Futures Markets. Applied Financial Economics, 9. . Publication link: ad120973-54fc-4c40-a05b-7516c0933244
  • Garrett, I., Espenlaub, S., & Mun, W. P. (1999). Conflicts of Interest and the Performance of Venture Capital-backed IPOs: a preliminary look at the UK. Venture Capital, 1. . Publication link: 8adcd960-1684-4ae5-ab08-b5541de29acf


  • Garrett, I. (1998). Discussion of 'Systematic Risk & Empirical Research' by David Ashton and Mark Tippett. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 25. . Publication link: 4a4fcf25-f294-495f-9abf-57d6771f4f93
  • Garrett, I., Antoniou, A. G., & Priestley, R. (1998). Macroeconomic Variables as Common Pervasive Risk Factors and the Empirical Content of the APT. Journal of Empirical Finance, 5. . Publication link: 8588af5c-177d-4c6f-ab5e-de630c4efb5d
  • Antoniou, A., Garrett, I., & Priestley, R. (1998). Calculating the equity cost of capital using the APT: The impact of the ERM. Journal of International Money and Finance, 17(6), 949-965. . Publication link: b960a716-416f-4920-9b2c-42f610587fc9


  • Clare, A., Garrett, I., & Jones, G. (1997). Testing for seasonal patterns in conditional return volatility: Evidence from Asia-Pacific markets. Applied Financial Economics, 7(5), 517-523. . Publication link: b82accc2-583b-4e4d-ac22-2a6d06d927fa


  • Garrett, I., & Antoniou, A. G. (1995). To What Extent Did Stock Index Futures Contribute to the October 1987 Stock Market Crash? In host publication. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. . Publication link: 3e216153-10ca-4e9f-b497-68be8dabf265


  • Garrett, I., & Antoniou, A. G. (1993). To What Extent Did Stock Index Futures Contribute to the October 1987 Stock Market Crash?The Economic Journal. . Publication link: 2bed90d5-932f-4fa3-b17e-29fdce3cf95d