Isabel Tavora

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Position: Lecturer in Human Resource Management
Academic unit: People, Management and Organisations


Isabel Tavora completed her PhD in Manchester Business School in 2009. She started her lecturing career in the same year in Bristol Business School, University of the West of England. She returned to Manchester Business School as a lecturer in Human Resource Management in August 2012.

Isabel's research interests lie mainly in comparative employment policy and industrial relations, gender equality and work-family reconciliation.

She is a member of EWERC - the European Work and Employment Research Centre and the Fairness at Work Research Centre, both at the University of Manchester.

Research Interests

Isabel's research has focused to a great extent on gender relations, work-family reconciliation and gender equality in employment. She is particularly interested in understanding how labour market actors and institutions can support female employment and advance gender equality in different countries.

Isabel is also interested in more general comparative research on employment policy and industrial relations and is currently involved in a European project investigating the impact of the crisis on collective bargaining and employment relations in seven of the European countries most affected by the recession.

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  • Koukiadaki, A., Tavora, I., & Martinez Lucio, M. (2016). Continuity and Change in Joint Regulation in Europe: Structural Reforms and Collective Bargaining in Manufacturing. European Journal of Industrial Relations, 22(3), 189-203. DOI: 10.1177/0959680116643204 . Publication link: a991a44e-84f5-41ad-88a0-2ee296f2aded
  • Koukiadaki, A., Tavora, I., & Martinez Lucio, M. (2016). Joint Regulation and Labour Market Policy in Europe during the Crisis: a seven-country comparison. In Joint regulation and labour market policy in Europe during the crisis. [1] Brussels: European Trade Union Institute. . Publication link: f83abdd7-3cbc-431d-8292-e6debd3ccda1


  • Tavora, I., & Gonzalez, P. (2014). The Reform of Joint Regulation and Labour Market Policy during the Current Crisis: National Report for Portugal. Manchester: No publisher name.. Publication link: 4095accb-e4ac-49c8-8f8e-6009433724d5
  • Koukiadaki, A., Tavora, I., & Martinez Lucio, M. (2014). The Reform of Joint Regulation and Labour Market Policy during the Crisis: Comparative report. Manchester: European Work and Employment Research Center, University of Manchester.. Publication link: 8d539610-2319-4a39-877d-fa807db3e32a