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Position: Senior Fellow
Academic unit: Innovation, Management and Policy


Julian is an experienced academic confident with designing and delivering change and organisational development interventions at an individual, team and organisational level. He works nationally and internationally delivering leadership and management interventions. His current workload includes

A cohort of students on the Elizabeth Garratt-Anderson MSc program, which is a two year masters in healthcare leadership. This includes delivering face to face experiential workshops, working on line with students between workshops, supervising essay and masters level dissertations and marking and giving feedback. There are also action learning sets associated which are integral to the program

He also worked on Nye Bevan Program which is a senior level program, lasting for approximately one year He has delivered 2 main roles on this program. One is that of ‘cohort director’ delivery of face to face workshops, support and supervision of senior leaders /aspirant board members attending the program . The second role is that of set advisor for sets for ‘self-managed’ learning sets. The sets are peer reviewed, which adds a different complexity to action learning.

In addition he co-directs an undergraduate course on management consultancy. The main focus of this is around teams delivering practical interventions to not for profit / 3rd sector organisations across the Greater Manchester conurbation. One of the key areas of this program is to help prepare final year students to understand organisational development issues and prepare them for entering the job market. These projects have a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and are sourced by the Student Development & Community Engagement Division of The Directorate for the Student Experience.

Julian is a very experienced facilitator ranging from small groups up to large group interventions.

He is a qualified coach and has been coaching at a senior level for over 5 years now. He is also qualified to administer Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) step 1 and 2, TEIQ , Hogan and FIro B

His main research interests are in change management and organisational development.

Previously he has worked in both Local Government and the NHS in various senior organisational development / change management roles.

His MSc was in Management Consultancy with a specific focus on change management in the public sector.

Research Interests

Key interests include effective and sustainable change management development, service and workforce planning, multi-agency working and strategic planning.

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