Dr Jillian Yeow

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Position: Research Fellow
Academic unit: Innovation, Management and Policy


Jillian is currently a Research Associate in the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research at Manchester Business School. She completed her PhD in 2009, which explored the negotiation of the individual and the collective in ICT-enabled project-based organisations. Her principle research interest is in the fields of ICT-enabled work, organisation studies and innovation, in particular the socio-technical aspects of work and organisation in project-based contexts, and the translation and adoption of technological and organisational innovation. She is also involved in research on science, technology and innovation policy.

Research Interests

  • ICT-enabled work and organisation
  • Organisation behaviour and change; organisational innovation
  • Project-based work and organising
  • Communities of Practice, knowledge and learning
  • Science and technology policy
  • Public procurement and demand-side innovation policy

Further Information

Jillian has taught on a number of undergraduate courses including Social Studies of Technology, Research Methodology, Introductory Maths and Introductory Statistics, as well as led several workshops in the Faculty of Humanities' Postgraduate Research Training Programme. She is currently the course co-ordinator for BMAN71942 Technology, Innovation Management and Business Strategy

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  • Yeow, J., Rigby, A., & Li, Y. (2016). THE EFFECT OF A GOVERNMENT TARGET FOR THE PROCUREMENT OF INNOVATION: THE CASE OF THE UK’S SMALL BUSINESS RESEARCH INITIATIVE. Paper presented at 7th International Public Procurement Conference , Bali, Indonesia.. Publication link: 8b807b4a-f29b-4f0f-9f87-f6586e138afe



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  • Yeow, J., Santos Pereira, T., & Henriques, L. (2008). New Opportunities for Research Funding Co-operation in Europe: A Strategy for Social Sciences – NORFACE, ERA-Net (FP6). Report to EC on Task 7.4 – Design of New Transnational Funding Instruments. No publisher name.. Publication link: c13c35f7-d5e1-4904-8082-a0f48a06bdcc


  • Yeow, J. (2007). The management of interpersonal relationships in a teleworking organisation. In 5th Critical Management Studies Conference Proceedings.. Publication link: 8508e55a-54a3-48b0-839d-fbb809116d76


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