Dr Josephine MYLAN

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Position: Research Fellow
Academic unit: Innovation, Management and Policy

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  • Mylan, J. (2016). The directionality of desire in the economy of qualities: the case of retailers, refrigeration and reconstituted orange juice . In H. Bulkeley, M. Paterson , & J. Stripple (Eds.), Toward a Cultural Politics of Climate Change : Devices, Desires and Dissent. (pp. 142-159). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: bf77afbc-061b-4981-b0d9-c8a2e77bd84e
  • Mylan, J., Holmes, H., & Paddock, J. (2016). Re-Introducing Consumption to the ‘Circular Economy’: A Sociotechnical Analysis of Domestic Food Provisioning. Sustainability, 8(8), 1-14. DOI: 10.3390/su8080794. Publication link: bfbcf4fd-5539-49e5-96d0-e533f3aebb07
  • Geels, F. W., Kern, F., Fuchs, G., Hinderer, N., Kungl, G., Mylan, J., ... Wassermann, S. (2016). The enactment of socio-technical transition pathways: A reformulated typology and a comparative multi-level analysis of the German and UK low-carbon electricity transitions (1990–2014). Research Policy, 45(4), 896-913. DOI: 10.1016/j.respol.2016.01.015. Publication link: b6a63776-2917-47b8-806b-ab58d047a322


  • Mylan, J., & Spurling, N. (2015). From Organisational Field to Fork: An explorative essay on the social organisation of eating (meat). 1-10. Paper presented at Beyond Practices: Sustainable Consumption and Socio-technical Systems, Manchester, United Kingdom.. Publication link: 440e941a-3b8f-47ac-bc74-554cae29e1a1
  • Mylan, J., Geels, F., Gee, S., Mcmeekin, A., & Foster, C. (2015). Eco-innovation and retailers in milk, beef and bread chains: Enriching environmental supply chain management with insights from innovation studies. Journal of Cleaner Production, 107, 20-30. DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2014.09.065. Publication link: afcf8293-ddbd-437e-bf7a-0ae7669fd2bf


  • Mylan, J. (2014). Industry-led transformation of consumer practice: The 'production' and 'consumption' of low temperature laundry. (pp. 1-20).. Publication link: 1707314e-e971-4f54-b1c6-74d7f7ea4dcc