Dr Karen Niven

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Position: Lecturer in Organisational Psychology
Academic unit: People, Management and Organisations


I am a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Organisational Psychology at Manchester Business School. I joined the MBS faculty in January 2012.

My research focuses on social relationships in the workplace, particularly how people influence the emotions of those around them and the 'darker' side of relationships (e.g., bullying, aggression). I have published in a range of organisational psychology, management, and social psychology journals, and co-edited a popular science book about emotions. I am an Action Editor of Journal of Applied Social Psychology, a Consulting Editor at Human Relations and European Journal of Work and Organisational Psychology, a Senior Review for Journal of Organizational Behavior, and a Trustee of the Richard Benjamin Trust grant board. Chartered by the British Psychological Society, I am also a member of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, the Academy of Management, and the Association of Psychological Science.

I am the eLearning Coordinator for MBS. I do postgraduate teaching on the MSc in Organisational Psychology/Business Psychology, the MSc in Management and the MBA programme. I also lead the Introduction to Work Psychology (level 1) and Leadership and Success at Work (level 3) undergraduate modules.

Research Interests

My research focuses on social relationships in the workplace. I have two key research areas: (i) emotion regulation and (ii) violence and aggression.

My research on emotion regulation focuses on understanding how and why we try to manage other people’s emotions in the workplace (e.g., service employees managing customers' emotions) and in other social contexts (e.g., romantic relationships). I am currently involved in a number of projects concerning emotion regulation within leader-follower relationships, e.g., exploring the effects of leader emotion regulation on follower performance.

In the area of violence and aggression, my research focuses on trying to identify factors that might protect people from experiencing negative consequences of such acts. For example, across a number of studies I have investigated the protective or detrimental effects of the victim of aggression engaging in emotion regulation. My current interests concern the role of emotion regulation (failure) in causing aggression.

Across both research areas, I use a variety of methods, including quantitative diary studies, social network analysis, longitudinal and dyadic surveys, experimental designs, and interventions.

My research has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), and the Richard Benjamin Trust. I collaborate with colleagues at various institutions in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Chile, Canada, and the US.

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