Dr Kathy Keeling

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Position: Senior Lecturer in Marketing Research
Academic unit: Management Sciences and Marketing


Kathy Keeling joined the new MBS Marketing Division in September 2004 as a Lecturer in Marketing Research, having previously worked at Manchester School of Management as a Research Fellow for many years. She has worked closely and gained research support from many organisations, the larger including Boots, British Airways, the Co-operative Bank (now Co-operative Financial Services), CWS, Manchester Evening News and Microsoft; cross-disciplinary interests are reflected in the research funding obtained from both the ESRC and EPSRC. She has published a number of papers across retailing, marketing, e-commerce and human-computer interaction and universal access to IT fields.

Recent projects with funding from research councils include:

  • A project under the Realising Our Potential Award (ROPA) scheme concerning Human Computer Relationships And Persuasiveness In E-Retailing (Award number: GR/R66890/01) conducted in collaboration with Professor Peter McGoldrick and Dr Susan Beatty of the Manchester Business School.
  • A UK e-commerce project, called HiSPEC funded jointly by the ERSC/EPSRC/DTI and the Co-operative Bank (project ref: L142251008). HiSPEC stands for 'Human Issues in Security and Privacy in e-Commerce' and is concerned with user perceptions of and requirements for security and privacy enhancing technologies. A key focus of this research is the development of social marketing campaigns and the application of the TransTheoretical Model to the adoption of e-precautions. This 30-month programme of research involves the close collaboration, involvement and financial input of a major industrial partner, the Co-operative Bank, two housing communities and SMEs involved in e-commerce. The project was conducted in collaboration with Professor Linda Macaulay of the School of Informatics and Professor Peter McGoldrick of the Manchester Business School. (see www.hispec.org.uk)
  • A European project: E-Factors (project ref: IST-2001-34868) a European Commission funded project under the Information Society Technologies Programme (IST). The E-Factors project brings together universities, research centers and practitioners to determine factors of sustainable adoption of new business models based on e-Business practices across Europe. Two key outcomes from the project are (1) a number of case studies of e-business adoption together with an analysis of key success factors and (2) teaching materials for use in university e-business courses. (in collaboration with Professor Linda Macaulay, School of Informatics).
  • Human Factors in the Design of Electronic Service Delivery Systems for Use in Complex Environments- a grant of 140,000 was awarded by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council to base fund this programme of work for three years. Collaborating companies in this project, including Microsoft, Boots, Interface Ltd., Co-operative Bank, CWS and the Manchester Evening News have variously provided access, research support, relevant computer software and hardware and staff time for software/requirements development.

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Kathy Keeling runs modules in Marketing Research and Data Analysis for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and Social Marketing at undergraduate level.

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  • Yu-Lun Liu, Keeling, K., & Papamichail, K. (2016). Maximising the credibility of realistic job preview messages: The effect of jobseekers’ decision-making style on recruitment information credibility. International Journal of Human Resource Management. DOI: 10.1080/09585192.2016.1203347. Publication link: f0679276-65e6-423c-b0d3-362d4672749a
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