Dr Khaleel Malik

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Position: Senior Lecturer in Technology Management and Innovation
Academic unit: Innovation, Management and Policy


Khaleel Malik is a Senior Lecturer in Technology Management & Innovation and a member of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research centre at MBS. He has engaged in research and consultancy with a variety of organisations including industrial firms, public and private sector bodies. He initially worked in the areas of design & development and international marketing in the engineering industry. He joined the University of Manchester as a Researcher in 1999 after completing his PhD here at PREST in the area of managing intra-firm technology transfer and innovation. Khaleel is the Book Review Editor for the journal R&D Management.

Research Interests

Khaleels research and teaching interests focus on the strategic management of technology and innovation within firms; technology transfer; knowledge management; and innovation policy-related studies. He teaches on a variety of courses at undergraduate and masters levels and supervises PhD/ DBA researchers in areas of technology management and innovation policy.

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  • Wickramasinghe, V., & Malik, K. (2016). Exploring motivations for university - industry collaboration in Sri Lanka. Paper presented at R&D Management Conference 2016, Cambridge, United Kingdom.. Publication link: db7ee3c2-38cc-41b6-bb4a-e4467feade6c
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