Dr Laura Haar

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Position: Lecturer in International Business
Academic unit: People, Management and Organisations


Laura is Lecturer in International Business at Manchester Business School. She completed her PhD at University of Reading, Department of Economics and also holds an MA (Distinction) in Economic Integration in Western Europe from the Graduate School of European Studies, Reading University UK. She is a British Council Chevening Fellow and a recipient of the EU ACE Phare scholarship programme. Prior to undertaking postgraduate study and research, Laura worked as project consultant and project analyst at the Department of European Integration and the Romanian Agency for Direct Investment, Bucharest. As an undergraduate student she held a part-time research position at the Institute for Global Economy, Bucharest. Her research focuses on European economic integration, including trade patterns, energy markets and economic development in Central and Eastern Europe. Laura is affiliated with a number of academic associations such as the European Trade Study Group (ETSG), European Business History Association (EBHA), the European International Business Association (EIBA) and the Institute of Economic Affairs, London (IEA).

Research Interests

Laura's research explored the economics of foreign direct investment and used the inter-war East Central European data as a defined field for testing various hypotheses about multinational enterprises. In this context, the relationship between multinational enterprises and host/home governments, with emphasis upon oil, manufacturing and banking sectors featured prominently in her research. More recently, Laura focused her research on the economics of oil/energy sector and analysed the impact of European Energy Market deregulation and liberalisation initiatives upon investment strategies of US energy utilities in Europe. With East Central European countries now part of the EU, Laura continues to study the impact of European economic integration upon international trade patterns and European energy policy. She publishes in internationally recognised academic journals including Business History, Financial History Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Europe-Asia Journal and Energy Policy. She often presents her work at a number of leading international business and trade conferences including European International Business Conference, Academy of International Business and the European Trade Study Group Conference.

Additional Information

Laura's teaching portfolio includes undergraduate courses such as International Business I and Internatinal Business II; postgraduate courses such as International Trade: Theory, Policy and Practice and Fundamentals of International Business, plus executive education lectures on international business themes. Undergraduate courses are delivered in Singapore, as part of MBS's BSc in Management Programme, offered jointly with Singapore Institute of Management (SIM).

In addition, Laura supervises MSc, Phd and DBA dissertations.

As Deputy Director for the UMIST/ifs (Institute of Financial Services, London) part-time programmes Laura had been responsible for Syllabus Development and Accreditation. Over the last few years, she acted as Programme Director and Admission Officer for the BSc Management, Singapore. Recently, Laura has been appointed Academic Admissions Officer for MBS undergraduate programmes.

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At MBS Laura delivers as a sole lecturer/coordinator a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses such as: International Business: The Global Environment (UG, year 2); International Business: Strategy, Structure and Business Functions (UG, year 3) and International Trade: Theory, Policy and Practice (MSc IBM). She also contributes lectures to other courses such as Fundamentals of International Business (MSc IBM) and is guest lecturer on Executive programmes such as AMAC Exec Education and Foundation of Business Administration & English.

Prior to her appointment at MBS, Laura contributed towards other postgraduate courses such as Comparative International Management and Development of International Business.

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