Professor Leo McCann

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Position: Professor of Organisation Studies
Academic unit: People, Management and Organisations


Leo McCann joined MBS in September 2004. He previously worked at Cardiff Business School (2002-2004), and completed his PhD at the University of Kent (1998-2001).

Leo's primary research and teaching interests lie in the fields of sociology of work, and in critical explorations of how various forms of 'restructuring' affect workplaces and workers in an international context.

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Research Interests

Leo McCann is Professor of Organisation Studies at Manchester Business School. His research and teaching focuses on the impacts of large-scale economic change on work and organization across numerous countries, focusing in particular on the international problems of work strain, work overload, and organizational dysfunction. He has written many articles on the subject of the international transformation of white-collar work in journals such as Journal of Management Studies, Human Relations, and Organization Studies. He is the co-author of Managing in the Modern Corporation (Cambridge University Press, 2009).

His research draws on the paradigms of sociology of work, varieties of capitalism, and political economy, exploring how large-scale ‘global’ transformations are translated through national institutional structures with often profound effects on the everyday lives of organizations, managers, workers and citizens. He has recently completed his first textbook, International and Comparative Business: Foundations of Political Economies (Sage Publications, 2014) based on over a decade of experience teaching and researching comparative capitalism, globalization, and the often problematic restructuring of organizations and work.

His most recent research, with colleagues Prof Paula Hyde, Prof John Hassard, and Dr Edward Granter, is an ethnographic exploration of middle and junior managers in the UK’s National Health Service. This has included interviewing and observing managers and front-line clinicians at work across a hospital, a mental health trust, a primary care trust, and an ambulance trust. Findings from observations and interviews with ambulance paramedics and managers appears in vol. 50, issue 5 of Journal of Management Studies. This research team is now working on developing the entire study into a new book about the impact of endless ‘reform’ and incessant work pressure in the NHS, as viewed through the fieldwork evidence gathered from interviews and observation of mid-level and junior managers.

Prof McCann is interested in supervising outstanding postgraduate research students in any of the above areas.

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