Dr Mercedes Bleda

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Position: Lecturer
Academic unit: Innovation, Management and Policy


Mercedes Bleda is a lecturer in Economics and Strategy at MBS. She has a first degree in economics (University of Murcia, Spain), an MPhil in dynamic economics (Dept. of Quantitative Methods, University of Murcia, Spain), and a PhD in economics from CRIC (ESRC Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition Centre) at the University of Manchester in the UK. Her doctoral research centred on the analysis of how evolutionary explanations of socio economic change in general can benefit, conceptually and formally, from the adoption of a complexity perspective. Before completing her PhD in the UK, Mercedes was a lecturer in the department of quantitative economics at the University of Murcia in Spain where she gained valuable experience as a teacher of mathematical economics, and as a researcher in the area of dynamical systems and economic modelling in general. Afterwards she joint the Centre for Research on Organisations, Management and Technical Change (CROMTEC) where she was involved on research projects funded by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, and the Science in Society Programme of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Since 2005 she has been working at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research on a variety of projects with a focus on innovation and environmental policy issues.

Research Interests

Her research interests centre mainly in the areas of evolutionary economics and complexity theory, simulation modelling techniques, and environmental and innovation policy. She has been a researcher in several projects in these areas for the ERSC and the EPSRC, the European Commission, and other institutions at the national and and local levels, both in the UK and Spain.

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