Professor Marcela Miozzo

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Position: Professor of Economics & Management of Innovation
Academic unit: Innovation, Management and Policy


Marcela Miozzo is Professor of Economics and Management of Innovation and Director of the MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. Her research focuses on the sources and consequences of innovation on firms and the economy, and, in particular, on the role of inter-organisational collaboration for innovation. She has studied the technological and organisational effects of outsourcing and offshoring of business services, the relation between innovation collaboration of business services firms and intellectual property protection strategies, mergers and acquisition of science-based firms, and partnerships for innovation between firms and universities in science-based sectors. Her research has been published in journals such as Research Policy, Organization Studies and Long Range Planning.

She has carried out a large number of international comparative projects financed by the Anglo German Foundation, British Academy, EC, ESRC, EPSRC, ISBE and Tyndall. Miozzo has been a member of the ESRC Peer Review Panel ESRC/DFID Growth Programme (2011), Commissioning Panel of ESRC Rising Powers Networks (2009-10), member of EPSRC Peer Review College (2003-2005). She has been appointed Fellow of the Center for Innovation and Change Leadership, University of Suffolk USA (2011-). She was visiting professor at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America, Buenos Aires (2004), External Examiner, MSc Management, Tanaka Business School, Imperial College (2005-2009) and elected member of the executive of the International Theme Committee, Academy of Management (2013-2017).

PhD, University of Massachussetts (Fulbright grant)
MA, MERIT, The Netherlands
BA, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Selected projects

1. Inter-organisational cooperation for innovation and business services firms

Anglo-German Foundation ‘High-tech business services in Germany and the UK’ 2003

British Academy Larger Research grant ‘The developmental role of knowledge intensive business services in Argentina and Brazil’ 2004-2005

ESRC ‘Service multinational enterprise acquisitions and linkages in emerging economies’ 2005-2008

ESRC ‘Using intellectual property protection to capture value from innovation in knowledge-intensive service firms’ 2012- 2014

2. Inter-organisational cooperation for innovation and science-based firms

ISBE/ESRC RAKE 'Do cross boder acquisitions affect local and regional knowledge creation?: an analysis of knowledge-intensive firms' 2010

ESRC Follow on Funding 'Funding gap or trap?: effect of foreign acquisitions of science-based firms on local knowledge transfer and spillovers' 2011


Teaching and supervision

PhD supervision
She supervises PhD projects on the relation between business organisation and innovation, both internationally-comparative projects and those related to particular sectors, such as business services, or of the organisation and innovation of particular multinational firms

Programme involvement

Specialist fields




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  • Miozzo, M., DiVito, L., & Desyllas, P. (2016). When do acquirers invest in the R&D assets of acquired science-based firms in cross-border acquisitions? the role of technology and capabilities similarity and complementarity. Long Range Planning, 49(2), 221-240. DOI: 10.1016/j.lrp.2015.07.002. Publication link: 6f43cf04-c6b8-487e-80a7-9d558f239408


  • Lee, H. F., & Miozzo, M. (2015). How does working on university-industry collaborative projects affect science and engineering doctorates´careers?: evidence from a UK research-based university. Journal of Technology Transfer, 40, 393-317. DOI: 10.1007/s10961-014-9340-4. Publication link: 2379a4a3-c8c8-47b8-8aa6-5ab8d133ff7a
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  • Miozzo, M., & Yamin, M. (2012). Institutional and sectoral determinants of headquarters-subsidiary relationships: A study of UK service multinationals in China, Korea, Brazil and Argentina. Long Range Planning, 45(1), 16-40. DOI: 10.1016/j.lrp.2011.11.001. Publication link: 503583c7-38ee-4a2c-a4fd-89ca0d665d97


  • Miozzo, M., & Grimshaw, D. (2011). Capabilities of large services outsourcing firms: The "outsourcing plus staff transfer model" in EDS and IBM. Industrial and Corporate Change, 20(3), 909-940. [dtr014]. DOI: 10.1093/icc/dtr014. Publication link: fe2f521e-d73c-4a9e-80cc-3b045f122970


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