Professor Maria Nedeva

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Position: Professor of Science and Innovation Dynamics and Policy & IMP Divisional Head
Academic unit: Innovation, Management and Policy


Intellectually, Prof. Nedeva's research is about science dynamics; more specifically it is about ‘policy driven’ change affecting both the social conditions of science and research (organisations, relationships and rules of exchange; structures etc.) and their intellectual conditions. The notion (theory) of science as a relationship between research fields and research spaces, that Prof. Nedeva is developing provides an intellectual lens for the analysis of the links between the social and the intellectual conditions of science and research; between policy and knowledge with particular epistemic properties.Within this broad intellectual agenda, Prof. Nedeva has contributed in substance to debates along four research lines, namely:
  • Research organisations (universities, research establishments and research networks), policy and pressures for change;
  • Academy industry links;
  • Research funders, selection and support of research
  • Research policy, evaluation and impact

Research Interests

Prof. Nedeva has endeavoured persistently to develop new perspectives and concepts that started at the margins of the field of science studies, but have now become prominent and well established; this effort has resulted in clearly demonstrable academic and stakeholder impact. Prof. Nedeva has created a strong and coherent body of work, which, while spanning several related areas, has a clear unifying feature: Prof. Nedeva develops new concepts to understand dynamics and interplay of scientific knowledge production and its governance. She works on research funders, research organisations, the interplay of research organisations and firms, and the overall science (and innovation) policy to support knowledge production and exploitation. In this work, Prof. Nedeva is developing perspectives that allow making sense of seminal trends which have altered the nature of knowledge production.

Prof. Nedeva was awarded a project grant funded by the ERC (EURECIA) and headed a team of internationally leading academics in four different research fields. EURECIA's output and dissemination have already changed the way funding agencies look at their impact, and researchers and research organisations understand how they are influenced by the ERC.

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