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Position: Professor of International Business
Academic unit: People, Management and Organisations


Mohammad Yamin is Professor of International Business at the Alliance Manchester Business School. He was previously a Lecturer in Economics, University of Manchester (1977-1980). Lecturer II/Senior Lecturer in Business Studies, Lancashire Polytechnic (1980-1985); Senior Lecturer in Economics, Nottingham Polytechnic (1985-1991); and Hallsworth Research Fellow, University of Manchester (1990-1991). His current teaching interests are theoretical and empirical aspects of the multinational enterprise. Dr Yamin's research interests are: The organisational nature of the multinational company; the role of subsidiaries in technological innovation; subsidiary autonomy and the advantage of multinationality. Dr Yamin is a member of the Academy of International Business and the European International Business Academy.

Research Interests

  • In my research, the focus is on the role of subsidiaries within multinational companies and in particular on the organisational advantages of multinational companies.
  • I am also working on the role of the internet in the internationalisation of firms, linkages of firms with local companies and the impact of MNCs on economic development.
  • Most recent research interests are around critical issues on international business, rising powers and ethical considerations.

a PhD supervisions

I welcome PhD applications that fall within the broader CIBER research agenda and my research interests in particular.

  • Rising power multinationals: What are the disinvite capabilities and internationalisation strategies of companies from major rising powers / emerging countries (e.g. ‘BRIC’)? How relevant are received theories of the MNE (e.g. ‘internalisation’ and the OLI) in explaining the emergence of Rising Power MNEs? Do rising power MNEs follow a different pattern of internationalisation in terms of pace and, form and location? What are the developmental impacts of Rising Power MNEs (both in their ‘home’ markets and other less developed economies?)
  • Ethical and sustainability dimensions of offshore outsourcing: With the growth of the so called ‘Global Factory’ many multinationals have outsourced much of the manufacturing, operational and back-office functions to less developed countries taking advantage of low wages and often also of lax and poorly implemented regulatory systems. What are the consequences of such global dispersal of production for labour standards and related health and safety issues? Do the business models associated with outsourcing integrate ethical and suitability issues as core commitments or as a rhetorical gloss? How sensitive is the viability of outsourcing business model to resources devoted to monitoring suppliers and meeting standards of sustainability?
  • Information and communication technologies and international business: The tremendous effects of ICTs on IB are uniquely painted to be positive, efficiency enhancing and driving forces to firm performance. However, there are both 'dark sides' to the use of ICTs (e.g. “virtuality trap”) and some new governance modes are and related impacts are not fully explained for IB. For instance what is the impact of social networks and crowdsourcing on innovation in MNEs? What are implications of open access for scholarship in higher education? etc.

Additional Information

He has taught at various levels of university degree-programs

Current teaching activities:

  • Economic Analysis of the Multinational Company (MSc)
  • Supervision of MSc Dissertations (MSc)
  • RP2 Critical perspectives on international business (PGR)

Previous teaching activities:

  • Fundamentals of International Business (MSc)

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Authored book

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Edited book

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Book contribution

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Journal article

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Newspaper/magazine contribution

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