Dr Mahbub Zaman

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Position: Senior Lecturer
Academic unit: Accounting and Finance


For detailed information please visit: www.mahbubzaman.com

Dr Mahbub Zaman joined the School in September 2003 and was promoted to senior lecturer in 2005. He obtained his PhD from the (then) Manchester School of Accounting & Finance, University of Manchester in 2003. His thesis is titled “Beyond Formal Governance Structures and Processes: An Institutional and Power Analysis of Corporate Audit Committees”.

Mahbub was a visiting scholar at the Fisher School of Accounting, University of Florida, US and at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. He is a member of the European Auditing Research Network. Previously he has served on the executive committee of the British Accounting Association Auditing SIG, and now serves as the secretary of the British Accounting Association Corporate Governance Group.

Mahbub is currently the PhD (Accounting & Finance) Programme Director.

Research Interests

Main research interests are Auditing and Corporate Governance:

- effect of audit committees on financial reporting, internal controls and risk management and external auit

- auditor independence, non-audit services and ethical standards

- demand for audit and assurance services in different institutional/regulatory settings

- risk management and control in parent-subsidiary organizations

- regulation of auditing

Mahbub's research has received funding from the ICAEW and the ACCA. He uses both both qualitative and quantiative to research auditing and governace issues and has published in Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Accounting Forum, British Accounting Review, Corporate Governance An International Review, Critical Perspectives in Accounting and Journal of Management & Governance.

Additional Information

Doctoral Supervision:

  • Current: Nurual Nazlia Jamil, Mark Shi, Chanchai Tangruenrat, Bader Al-Judhai
  • Past : Norzalina Mohammed Yusof, Jaravee Chayasombat, Javed Siddiqui, Laura Kerrigan.
Teaching Expertise:
  • Accountability & Auditing, Corporate Governance
  • Financial Accounting & Analysis, MBA Financial Reporting

Programme involvement

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Working papers

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Journal article

  • Mahbub Zaman. "Audit pricing and product differentiation in private firms." Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies 14, no. 2(2014) . eScholarID:199054
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Conference contribution

  • Zaman, M. 2009. In the Name of Audit Quality: Quest for Legitimacy [Regulating Audit Quality: Restoring Trust and Legitimacy]. In European Auditing Research Network 5th Symposium. Valencia, Spain: EARNet. eScholarID:140253


  • Turley, S., Zaman, M. 2003. Public Policy on Corporate Audit Committees: case study evidence of current practice (ACCA Occasional Research Paper No 35). ACCA. eScholarID:5b690


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