Dr Nathan Proudlove

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Position: Senior Lecturer in Operational Research
Academic unit: Innovation, Management and Policy


Nathan Proudlove is a Senior Lecturer in operational research at Manchester Business School. Prior to the creation of the merged University of Manchester in 2004, he was a Lecturer at Manchester School of Management (UMIST). He is a Fellow of the Operational Research Society (FORS).

He has worked on health management issues since the mid-1990s. Nathan's particular interests are operational management and flow issues such as capacity and demand, forecasting, bed management, and process improvement. He has worked with many hospital trusts and with national and regional NHS and Department of Health bodies.

Nathan teaches modelling and applied statistics on all levels of taught programmes, and supervises MSc dissertations, MBS consulting projects, PhD and DBA students. He leads taught units on systems improvement on masters and executive eductaion programme. He is Associate Head of Division for Teaching of MBS’s Innovation Management and Policy Division, and a member of the Health Management Group.

He is Director of the PgDip programme in Leadership and Management in the Healthcare Sciences, part of the Higher Specialist Scientific Training programme (DClinSci) run by a consortium of universities for NHS Health Education England and the National School for Healthcare Sciences.

He has served as an External Examiner for: Lancaster University, Nottingham Trent University, and the University of Rome (Tor Vergata).

Research Interests

Operational, quality and service improvement in healthcare. Application of operational research modelling approaches and operations management principles, particularly in healthcare. Data analytics, particularly healthcare performance.

Specific tools and techniques include: comptuer simulation, lean, six sigma, theory of constraints, systems thinking, forecasting, process mapping, statstical process control.

Past projects include evaluation of six sigma in the NHS for the NHS Modernisation Agency, winter demand forecasting for NHS regional oversight, bed and capacity modelling.

Current Funded Research Projects:

Co-Investigator Provider ratings: the effects of the Care Quality Commission's new inspection and rating system on provider performance Department of Health Policy Research Programme PR-R11-0914-12001 £630K Principal Investigator: Professor Kieran Walshe; Research Associates: Dr Tommy Allen, Dr Emma Richardson; Research Manager: Hannah Kendrick. 2015-17.

Co-Investigator Learning from leadership changes made by boards of hospital NHS trusts and foundation trusts following the Francis Inquiry report Department of Health Policy Research Programme PR-R11-0914-12003 £322K. Principal Investigator: Professor Naomi Chambers. 2015-17.

Co-Investigator Leading improvement: scoping the organisational determinants of clinical quality and performance improvement The Health Foundation £128K. Principal Investigator: Professor Kieran Walshe; Research Associate: Dr Mhorag Goff. 2015-17.

Advisory Roles:

NHS Wales Patient Flow Programme Evaluation Advisory Group The Health Foundation 2015-16

Other Research Programmes and Projects:

Developing software tools for process mapping (with Lancaster University Management School).

Operations Strategy and Operations Improvement in public hospitals (with University of Rome, Tor Vergata).

Process improvement in NHS hospitals (with Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust).

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