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Position: Director, NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) Greater Manchester and Professor of Service Operations Management, Manchester Business School
Academic unit: People, Management and Organisations


Ruth is Director of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) Greater Manchester, and Professor of Service Operations at Manchester Business School.

The NIHR CLAHRC for Greater Manchester was established in January 2014, following 5 years of funding (2008-2013) for an previous CLAHRC. It carries out and implements evidence-based research in order to benefit the people of Greater Manchester. It is a collaboration of all 10 PCTs and other NHS organisations in Greater Manchester with the University of Manchester and has £20m of funding over five years. Ruth led the implementation programme in the previous CLAHRC, and is now the Director.

Her research interests cover a wide range of areas within health services management and focus now on quality and improvement and the use of 'industrial' methods within the NHS, as well as the implementation of new approaches. Ruth has a focus on knowledge transfer arising from high quality research, to ensure that the findings are accessible and applicable to practice.

Past research includes work concerned with HRM and performance, electronic health records, re-engineering, operating theatre management and scheduling, patient safety, the management of emergency admissions, bed management and chronic disease management. She has published widely in these areas as well as in the areas of implementation and quality management.

She has taught service and quality improvement to postgraduate students, including those on the NHS General Management Training Scheme and Operations Management on the MBS full-time MBA programme. She also has a track record of teaching post-experience students and regularly participates in MBS Executive Education programmes as well as speaking at conferences for the NHS and associated organisations.

Research Interests

Quality management in health care
Ruth's book on the theory and practice of quality improvement in healthcare, written with colleagues from MBS, has been widely distributed to healthcare organisations across the world and is used in training and research.
She co-edited a book reviewing patient safety research and has applied service quality concepts to health care;research on patient involvement in accessing and correcting electronic health records, six sigma and copying letters to patients, the results of which were incorporated into national guidance.
Knowledge Transfer
Ruth has always been actively involved in knowledge transfer, and the opportunities arising from the NIHR CLAHRC for Greater Manchester are enabling development of approaches to putting research into practice that are at the forefront of this issue within healthcare.From 2003-2006 she was a Non-Executive Director of Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, where she tried to put theory into practice.
Process Analysis
Ruth carried out research in bed management and patient flow concepts which led to the provision of training programmes for NHS staff and improvements in service delivery. This work also led to the award of PhDs to members of NHS staff which led to improvements in service performance.
Ruth was a member of the team who carried out the national evaluation of a community matron model for managing long-term conditions.
Performance management
Research investigating the links between HRM and performance in the NHS focused on the performance of NHS organisations, and the various policy influences on NHS operation. A PhD focused on performance measurement in the voluntary sector was supervised in 2006.

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Masters programmes

Ruth has taught on a range of postgraduate programmes including:

  • MBS full-time MBA programme - Operations Management course
  • MBS MSc in Healthcare Management - Leadership and Service Improvement module
  • NHS General Management Training Scheme - Service Improvement module

Ruth also provides guest sessions on the MA in Healthcare Leadership and Management at the Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham.

She set up and directed the Leadership through Effective People Management programme for the NHS, which was run in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers from 2001-2006 and provided for directors and deputies from across the NHS, with over 110 students graduating with an MSc. This included a module on service improvement in healthcare, which she designed and delivered.

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