Dr Stephen Brookes

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Position: Senior Fellow in Public Policy and Management
Academic unit: Innovation, Management and Policy


Stephen is a senior fellow in public policy and management and specialises in leadership and organisational development. For six years, he was the Programme Director for the MSc in Healthcare Management, which is due to be relaunched in 2016 as the MSc International Healthcare Leadership and is a regular contributor to the full time and Global MBA. Stephen has a unique blend of experience at a senior level in the police, central and regional government, and local government. He also has a sound academic background, having completed his PhD in 2004 and increasingly publishing in academic journals and books and presenting papers at conferences. Immediately prior to his appointment at MBS Stephen was the Home Office Director for the Government Office for the East Midlands, which he undertook for almost six years. During this time Stephen had considerable experience in working with partnerships and supporting both performance improvement programmes and in facilitating and leading change.

He was a police officer for thirty years. He was also awarded the Queens Police Medal in the Jubilee Birthday Honours in June 2002 for distinguished police service and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

In May 2006, shortly after his appointment at MBS, Stephen was successful in securing funding from the ESRC in the 2006/07 Seminar Series Competition. A series of five seminars took place, concluding in March 2008, which set a public leadership challenge across a range of public sector disciplines. The overall aim was to identify the challenges and consistencies across the public sector from the various reform programmes and the impact that these reforms have on collective public leadership. Stephen has co-edited two books. His first sole authored book was published in January 2016. "The Selfless Leader", published by Palgrave Macmillan is focused on the importance of collective leadership and how learning for leadership is aligned with practice. Stephen regularly provides international leadership and organisational development to middle and senior managers from across the public sector .

His research has considered the concept of collective leadership and governance, and in identifying the impact of performance regimes on public sector organisations and the potential that exists for such organisations to create and demonstrate public value. Current research interests continue to include public leadership. He is also the co-lead for the University of Manchester for the N8 Universities Policing Reserch Partnership. Stephen is the Editor of the International Journal of Public Leadership, which is published by Emerald.

Research Interests

    • 2015: As co-lead for the University of N8 Universities Police Research Partnership, involved in the preparation of bid resulting in a £3 million grant from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), supplemented by in excess of £4.2 million from policing partners and the N8 universities.
    • 2014: As the representative of the University of Manchester N8 Universities Police Research Network. Supported the group in the preparation and delivery of successful bid to the National College of Policing “What works” call.
    • 2012: Developed the Crime Science and Security Research Group (CSSRG). The scoping work supported an EPSRC Knowledge Transfer project through the Manchester Institute of Innovation and Research. This was intended to support a range of foresight and horizon scanning events in the area of security.
    • 2011: Research in relation to collective leadership and intelligent relationships. A Collective Leadership Inventory was used and formed the basis of research with two partnerships focused on inequalities in health. A report was published.
    • 2010: Research commissioned by the Standards Board for England to assess and develop governance standards for partnership working.
    • 2008: Research commissioned by the Audit Commission of England and Wales and the North West Improvement Network to assess the effectiveness of trust networks and the use of intelligence in the delivery of local area agreements.
    • 2009: Research commissioned by Greater Manchester Police Authority to examine the context of police performance in support of data published through the Police Performance Assessment Framework.
    • 2008: Research to examine performance regimes and the creation and demonstration of public value within the context of policing in Greater Manchester.
    • 2008: Examination of the potential and barriers to the creation and demonstration of public value within the context of Sports.

Post Graduate Research

Stephen has successfully supervised three PhD students to completion. He welcomes further opportunities to supervise postgraduate researchers in the area of public leadership

Executive Education

Stephen regularly undertakes both accredited and non accredited Executive Education in the general area of Leadership. This includes leadership in the public, private and third sector. He has also taught extensively in an International context.

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Stephen currently teaches on the following programmes:

MSc International Healthcare Leadership. This was formerly the MSc Healthcare Management, which is being relaunched in 2016 as a global blended learning programme. For more information see http://.www.mscihl.com

Higher Specialist Scientist Training Programme (HSST). Co-lead module A2 (Theoretical Foundations of Leadership) and module A4 (Service Improvement).

Global MBA: Co-coordinator for the Negotiations Skills Module

Full Time MBA: Co-coordinator for the Negotiations Skills Modul

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